Friday, August 14, 2009

New Tattoo And Fishing Tomorrow!

Hello all,

Sorry I've been a posting dud here lately. I've just been very busy! I got a new tattoo today. A bit of a back story on it. I saw the painting in a Christian bookstore a few years back and the second I saw it, I started crying. I don't preach much on here, because it's not what this is for. But to me this painting summed up what I think is Gods entire collection of feelings for us. The painting is called "Forgiven." That being said, here's the pic!
The words underneath read: The Beauty of Grace is that it makes life not fair.

I love it!

I'm going fishing tomorrow with a 16 year old foreign exchange student from Brazil. We've been once and nothing exciting happened. Hopefully tomorrow will be the day!

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  1. It's taken me a while but thanks for stopping by my blog! Your caption got an honorable mention so you are linked up to my blog again!

    Hope you had fun fishing! Nice tattoo, very heartfelt.


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