Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Sunday Poem.


Sunday makes me smile
Laziest day of the week
This isn't funny.


Lazy day
Nothing to do
Finally get to rest


Sunday is the best day of the week.
Make sure no bad of it you speak.
If in fact you do,
May your tongue stick like glue,
So no blasphemy from your mouth may leak.

Name Poem:

Sunday is a great day
Undoing all the stress
Not a lot to do
Doing things is lame
Ask me again tomorrow
You go take a nap too


When will I rest from the labor of the week?
A day in which to rest my head?
Sunday is the day of which I speak,
The day to act as though I'm dead.

There ya go, peeps. Some poetry for your Sunday. Rest easy. We'll see ya back tomorrow.