Sunday, September 27, 2009

Meet The Missus: Update

Alright, alright! Everyone put their questions in this comment section if that will make you feel better! We better get 10 questions though! Once again, you may ask whatever you want, as long as it's not real sexual in nature.



  1. 1. When you first met Travis, what was your first thought?

    2. Every man has some level of man-stupid, tell us how you cope?

    3. What is the best gift he ever gave you?

    4. What is the easiest recipe you have that makes him the most happy?

    5. How do you really feel about his blogging?

    There, that oughta get ya started....

  2. Do you censor yourself at all knowing that it could end up as blog fodder?

  3. travis...i honestly cannot think of a question for you...=) but, if i think of one you'll be the first to know!!!!

  4. What one quirk does Travis have that makes you laugh until you pee?

  5. How did you two met? And What did you liked about him that ultimately brought you to marry him?
    Can't wait to read the answers....I love your blog!! =)

  6. What's your favorite thing that Travis cooks for you?

    In your opinion, what's the funniest thing Travis has ever done?

    Did you like to fish before you met Travis?

    What are your real thoughts about Kid Funk?

    What was your first date?

  7. *what is Travis' deepest darkest secret? (wait I don't know if I want to know that)

    *what little thing does Travis do for you that we would never guess?

    do you guys have nick names for each other?

  8. Which aunt out of all of Travis' aunts is your favorite? :-)

  9. They say opposites attract. Does this ring true with you & Travis?

  10. How much duct tape do you use a month putting Travis back together after all his sporting mishaps?

  11. Travis mentioned he wants to lose 50 lbs, but he talks about ordering pizza all the time! Are you willing to slam dunk the pizza guy when he shows up on your porch, like you did with that nutty neighbor? If so, please video tape it! lol


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