Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trying Something New... ****UPDATED****

(***Update: I didn't friggin hit Save Changes. That's why it hasn't changed so much. Also, Ad, I love you too. I promise.)

Ed over at Ed's Funny Pages has been bitching at me to get a new comment system so he can leave comments on my blog whilst he is at work.

I've done it, Ed!

I also took out the word verification, but if I get spammed, so help me I will drag you all out into the street and beat you with a sack of oranges and a copy of The King James version of the Bible.

That's real.

For serious though, check it out, and let me know your thoughts. Is it easier? Is it harder? (TWSS)

Iffen I get mixed feelings, we may even have to have a good ol fashioned rigged election.

I'm just sayin. Ed leaves funny comments, and his vote may carry a lot of weight. Kind of like my torso.

Sleep easy, y'all.

(Except you, Zan. Geez. Always commenting in the middle of the night. Whaddaya live on the other side of the world or somethin?)

Zan: I'm totally kidding. I love you. Let's get married.

The Missus: I'm totally kidding about marrying her. I love only you.

Zan: I'm totally kidding with The Missus. You're the only one for me.

The Missus: Naw baby, you know I just love you. Just tryna make my readers feel good. Aww... Baby, don't be like that. Come here. I want to lick your ears. Just like we used to. Atta girl... Don't it feel so right? Geez. They're still reading this? Baby, close the door. I've got the Boyz 2 Men CD. We may make it to the second track tonight. I'm feelin it. That's real. 


  1. This comment thingymabob is the same as the last whatchamacallit. I see no difference and, if I get one of those word verification things when I hit post, dude, I am gonna be pissed you suckered me into that whole blog for a fluff Ed, and whisper sweet nothings in some biatches ear, all while trying to get some off the Missus. Damn dude, this ain't porn channel, shut the freakin' door already!

  2. Ok...I totally apologize for the PMS tone of the last comment. There was no verification word. This was easy. I vote for this one. Not that my sad little opinion means anything.

  3. Most of the blogs I read have the comments like this, so it works just fine for me!

  4. It's all good but I will miss those crazy verification words!

  5. Your verification words is what set you apart from the pack....why would you want to be just like all the rest?

  6. I like it this way best. (TWSS)


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