Saturday, October 17, 2009

Your Word Is: Parsimonious.

So I got that word in one of my comments, which prompted me to make another award.

Here it is:

This award once again has absolutely no strings attached, other than the fact that I'd like to see it go up on your site at some time so people know you won it!

This award will go to anyone who uses a word NATURALLY on my site that I have to refer to the dictionary to see a meaning.

(This means that if I infer the meaning from the context it's used in, and I confirm it in a dictionary, you WILL NOT get this award! Also, if I think you're throwing words out there just to win one of these, I won't let you have it. It's mine. Also, if you receive this award, you can spread it around like a 5 year old spreads peanut butter.) 


This award goes to the iNDefatigable mjenks over at A Crown Of Thistles. You should go check out his site. He's really mean cool to his kids, and he also gives Latin lessons!

Anywords, he gets this award for his use of the word, parsimonious in a comment on my Why I Hate Camping post.



  1. I went to see your buddy. He is a loquacious fella huh? All edumacated and stuff! Momma likes!

  2. I didn't comment on your camping post because I was dazed and confused by it. I just talk about pee, what do you expect??

  3. I like to use big words sometimes because the idea that people pretend they know what they mean and then at some point google the words makes me laugh so I shall try and use a really big word at some point in a comment to you...

    I also like to use the word shall, as it makes me feel wordly...

  4. PS: I made up the word "wordly" and I hope it catches on hehe

    That's all


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