Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Can You Pick The Lie?

Yeah, yeah, I know this post sucks. I'm trying to write that novel though, and this is the first post to officially suffer from it, unless you count anything I've ever posted. In which case, I wouldn't blame you, but those posts suffered because they came out of my head, not because I was writing a novel. Get it? Good.

Also, if you look around the sidebars and see a lot of missing stuff, and you think, "Geez, what is he, an idiot?" Yeah. You'd be correct. I decided I was gonna change the blog up a little bit, and somehow along the way, I funked everything up worse than I funk up a bathroom after nacho night.

I'm gonna fix it. I promise.

Anyway, let me know what you think the lie is by posting a comment saying so. I'll be back tomorrow with the answer, and hopefully a Would You Rather.

Only one of these is a lie! All the others are true, so you can learn something about me!

I have 3 brothers. All of them younger.

I have caught over 100 fish by myself in under 2 hours.

I have been dealt a royal flush as a poker hand.

I was the MVP on my high school basketball team my junior and senior years.

I proposed to The Missus by putting her ring in an empty Life Savers wrapper and asking her if she wanted one. 

There you have it, people. Good luck guessing, and like I said, only one of them is an actual lie!  

P.S. Feel free to go fill out those GD questions I asked a while back for guest posting, and get your lazy asses up and do something about my blog sucking. 2 people have done it so far, and one of em has frick frackin posted already. Show some initiative people. Don't make me call mothers. 


  1. The first one is a lie. You have 2 brothers and one is older.

    Actually, I have no idea which is which.

    That just seemed like the lamest one, which automatically makes it a lie.

  2. Okay...I'm going with...I was the MVP on my high school basketball team my junior and senior years. Right?? Right??

  3. I'm gonna go with the royal flush. And if I'm wrong, well...you can flush it!

  4. I'm gonna go with the fish thing. Cause that be too obvious. But I kinda wanted to choose the MVP one....

  5. I'm going to go with the brothers.

    I'm probably wrong.

    But that means I have a lot of faith in you for those other things. So that should count for something.

  6. So I am going to rule out #1, cause I actually read ON YOUR BLOG where that was is TRUE.

    So now I have a four out of five chance of being correct.

    I'm going to say that the royal flush is true since I have gotten that hand before.

    That leaves three.

    Since you were voted Home Coming King for your basketball prowess or some such shit, I'll mark that off the list.

    Down to 50-50 shot.

    Life Saver Proposal or 100 Fish...

    You're cheezy enough to propose that way, I think. And the fish, seems like a "THIS BIG" kinda story....hmmmmm?

    Ok....100 Fish

  7. I'm going with the fish thing. Everyone knows that how many/how big a fish is the second most common lie men tell. #1 is penis size.

  8. I'm going with the fish. I think the last fish story I read either involved a near-death experience with a rigged canoe or The Missus throwing a set of keys in the lake. Neither of those equate to over 100 fish in 2 minutes. Sorry.


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