Monday, November 2, 2009

I Only Pushed It To Get Back To My Dash...

This is so why Blogger needs to let you hit "Dashboard" from your own blog page...

I'm pretty sure I've stumbled on a German child sex ring of some kind.

Click at your own risk.

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  1. Holey Shit that was a HUGE boob!!

  2. There is something wrong with you. Seriously!

    Thanks for sharing...ass!

  3. every time I have hit NEXT BLOG, it's foreign and freaky, WTF!?

  4. When I clicked 'next blog' I just saw my blog and pictures of my kids and..


    WOW! Crazy stuff!

    * whistles and slowly backs away

  5. After reading your post and the comments, there is noway I am clicking that link from work.

    At least not from my computer.

    Maybe from that guys down the hall that I can't stand.

  6. Yeah, um I'm with ed. I don't think Im going to click that if I want to keep my job...

  7. I took a chance...I clicked. That was such a cute baby! I started to think you were playing a trick of some sort then.....


    Huge boob!

    Not cool.

  8. Everytime I hit next blog, it is some whacky foreign blog as well.

    Nice boob, btw.

  9. Not going I'm not...reading the comments above I am convinced it is rank. Good enough for me! I hate trying to get to my Dashboard. I don't even know the right way. It can't be what I'm doing though. Come on by sometime...Holly at

  10. heeheehee... cute baby.
    Next blog please..

  11. Holy molly... that's nasty. How did they even do that?
    Should we thank you for sharing that link? :D

  12. I'm NOT gonna click on that. I'm at work and I don't want to end up on the 5 oclock news although from the other comments its probably something I can file away in "All in a day's work"


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