Monday, December 7, 2009

Lah Dee Dah Soaps, And How They've Changed My Life.

"Hey, if you send me some free shit, I'll do a review of it."

That's how it started.

It's now 11 PM at night, and I am currently having to ship my WMM project file to God only knows where in Montana, where it is being edited as I type this, so maybe I can get this post up by Monday.

I want to give a shout out to Lauren for helping me out with that.

On to the soap.

Lee the Hotflash Queen over at Triple H makes this personalized soap.

I got it in the mail the other day, and I have to say, I was not disappointed when I smelled my mailbox.

Yeah, I smell my mailbox.

Call it what you will, but when I sniff out the bomb that someone sends me, y'all will be calling me a hero.

Anysniff, I made a commercial. Here it is, in all it's hard to make glory.

This stuff is great.

You can go right HERE to order.

Again, that's right HERE.

And yeah, I'll do it again, because this lady paid for some advertising. So go right HERE for the soap.

It is very reasonably priced, it smells great, and yeah Moog, it doesn't chaff when you rub one out. Also, I think that if you were in prison, and you dropped this soap, it would lead to less ass raping for you. The reason for that is, if you drop it, you don't have to go on looking for it in a bent over position while it gets mixed up with the soap of the people who drop theirs on purpose. Since it's personalized, someone can just return it to you at a later time, hopefully fully clothed. So really, that's win win.

Mine says "Gone Fishing" on it, and she did it in a bunch of different fonts! And I've got to tell you, it looked really happy when I actually took it fishing. It was considerably less happy washing my butt crack. However, it really sucked at fishing, but was good at the other. So there you have it.


P.S. Memoir Monday has been moved to Tuesday for me. If you do one, I'll link it tomorrow. Sorry for the trouble! 


  1. This soap rocks!!!! I ordered some too! I can't wait to get it. It's a gift for someone so I don't think it would be real nice of me to wash my ass with it and then do a review.

    "Hey, here's some cool new soap. It works really well. I washed my ass with it first to try it out. Don't mind those little smuges. They'll rinse off"

    Ya, I don't think that would go over too well.

  2. OH GOOD LORD! I just circumvented the sonic wall filter at work to watch your video. HOW FREAKIN' COOL IS THAT! Lee is so lucky to have such a gret friend like you.

    What an awesome video! You should do more of these. YOU ROCK!

  3. Great commercial Travis! I'm sure you are going to be contacted by all kinds companies now wanting you to endorse their products!

  4. Oh me oh my! You are pimping yourself out for commercials now too? That was awesome!

  5. I'm thinkin that maybe if I get this soap, you know go and order, and present it to hubs as a gift, and say, "I know the package doesn't say so, but I have it on good authority that you can rub one out and it doesn't cause chaffing...."

    I wonder if this would get me more nooky....hmmmm.

  6. I can't watch your commercial at work.

    I'll watch later.

    I just wanted to say, if you were in prison, I'm sure you would continue to "drop" the soap on purpose.

    Regardless of what the font says.

    Oh yeah, Cowboys loose.

  7. Me thinks that if you drop the soap in a prison shower that soap is gone forever. Or you could kick it out to the locker room where you could put your back to a locker before bending over. I don't want any soap bad enough for that - wonderful as a ass washing is.

  8. Travis...that was GREAT!!! I LOVE it and I LOVE you!! I think that is the BEST review anyone coulda given me and thank you for all that work you put in the commercial!! I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!



  9. What is this thing you call, 'soap?'

  10. Travis--your commercial rocks!

    I have been meaning to order some, but keep forgetting. Heading over now! Thanks for the reminder.

  11. Bwahahahaha!

    Well, now I gotta go order some.

  12. TravyG you are sooo sweet smelling thanks to Queen Lee! What awesomeness!!

  13. I'm mad at you, I created a whole new blog just so I could participate in your meme (mostly and others' to a lesser degree) and you didn't do it today.

    :-( You'll be the first person to see my new site if you go.

  14. You are the bestest blog buddy for doing that! It was so funny! I think you should do them for other people's products, too.

    PS My 7yr old watched the video and said "That tree is pretty". (I was hoping that the video was pg and breathed a huge sigh of relief at the end.)

  15. I am so very glad this blog is not scratch and sniff. What I want to know is who you bribed to take all those pictures!

  16. adrienzgirl kept giving you love, so I made it over to check it out.

    Does it ever smell Irish-Spring fresh here!

    I notice that you didn't say "no" ass raping, just "less." I see you're a realist.

  17. I was laughing so hard the kids came over to see. Thanks for keeping it PG. My one boy is still mad he didn't see it all, the other said it was "dumb". I LOVED it. Good job. Puts a new spin on "travel soap". I want some simply so I can go fishing.

  18. Okay, new review, older boy couldn't help but grin, my younger boy hysterical when you said you might be "naked" behind the curtain.

  19. after reading your bending-over-to-get-the-soap bit, i suddenly feel dirty. i'm going over to order soap now.

  20. Daffy: You can just call the smudges love.

    HD: Hey, really I think you'll get somewhat less. You know, cause the soap won't bug him about things after.

    AG: I am available for more commercials, yes.

    Tori: This is the goal.

    Ed: Loose? What's loose? And thanks for the second comment.

    CP: It's all about angles my friend.

    Lee: It would have never been possible without you!!!

    Moog: It's for your ass. Why on earth did those whiskey girls let you get so close iffen you don't use it?

    Erin: Thanks! GO!

    BBLiss: GO!!!

    Carol: She's a peach, eh?

    Corrie: I'm sorry! I'll link you tomorrow!

    kys: I filmed on location at my mothers house. There was no language. I didn't want a shot of her slappin the shit out of me.

    JV: Thanks for stoppin by.

    Liz: Well, I wasn't. I even had shoes on! I think if you pause quick though, you might be able to see my left breast.

    Noelle: GO!!!

  21. OMG! I have the exact same plate at 1:03! Yeah, irrelevant but I just wanted to say...

  22. You had me at "rub one out" and your video. Following. ;)

  23. Wow, you could start a whole new business doing blog commercials for people - for realz!

  24. Far out Travis,

    Soap..Yes, soap is good. For cleaning stuff.

    Love this. You are a God!

    Lee the Hot Flash Queen let us road test in Australia, let's go International!

  25. That commercial was awesome! Do you have a job doing this kind of thing? If not, you oughta. :)

    Visiting at Lee's demand...she's kinda pushy sometimes. ;)

  26. This was hysterical! Okay, inquiring minds want to know. Or at least I do. Were you really naked?

  27. Thanks for the link. I loved the commercial you did for her. I loved the fishing together, watching TV together and the bedtime stories.

    And it reminded me who made the soap I planned to give as a gift this Christmas.

  28. FL: Sweet! We're plate twins!

    Shandal: Thank God I live in a country where I can say "rub one out" and still pick up chicks.

    TNM: Tell ya what. I'll do a commercial for you iffen you're selling something!

    Alex: You keep that pic of you in a bikini next to your comments, and I will personally hand deliver yours.

    PoS: I hear she's gonna be even more pushy tomorrow! And I love her for it!

    Pat: No, sadly I was not. I even had shoes on. However, if you look closely, you might be able to see a nipple.

    Corrie: Go get it!!

  29. lmao, you know I didn't think of that, the soap not asking for more after.....hmmm. Reniggin on the idea! LOL!

  30. LMFAO Travis! I gotta find something to pimp out so you can do a commercial for me!

    Thank you for leaving it up to our imaginations and not flashing us your fishing rod...

  31. Funny Stuff... as per usual.

    I'm with Tamara. What can I pimp out for some advertising. Hmmm...? I make Baby Slings. Now THAT would be a funny commercial. Might actually pay to see that one.

  32. Funny Stuff... as per usual.

    I'm with Tamara. What can I pimp out for some advertising. Hmmm...? I make Baby Slings. Now THAT would be a funny commercial. Might actually pay to see that one.

  33. I may actually order some of this because 1) I love Lee 2) She can make it in a bacon scent and 3) I'm pretty sure you were making out with the soap behind the shower curtain.

  34. I said it before and I'll say it again, that was fucking hysterical. You are my hero, Travis.

    Also, I really don't want to know if you were really naked behind that shower curtain.

    No, really.


  35. I'm seriously losing my shit over here.

    Oh MY fuck!


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