Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Post It Tuesday: In Which I Dedicate One To Supah.

It's Post It Note Tuesday time.

Supah started this shiz, and she gets the credit.

I do this, well, because it's fun, because it's easy, and because it gets me a shit ton of new followers, for which I am most appreciative.

If you're new here, I ask ya to sit down and stay awhile. I've got some wine in the kitchen, why don't you put on this lacy thing right here? That's it. Slowly. Now grab that plate of nachos and feed me. Now that plate of pizza. That's right. Shove it in there. Not slowly. Quick. I'm hungry. Now those cookies... Yeah... Soup? Yeah baby... That's right. Get that salad the hell out of here. Where were we? Oh yeah... Gravy... Mmmmm... No, no I don't need to put it on anything. Just ladle it in my mouth! That's it. Do you have a bigger ladle? No, not that one. The other one. Yeah... Damn. Are those cold cuts? Don't you put vegetables on my sammich... Now let me use that lacy thing as a napkin...

My goodness.

Sticky notes. Right.

If you're wondering what that 5th note was about, here's the deal.

I challenged y'all to go vote for me a while back to win a contest. I said if I won, I'd do something humiliating on video that my readers got to pick. Well, I won.

I need your suggestions, people! So far, there have not been a lot! The only suggestion I won't take is the rap video, because that is already in the works, and it's gonna make me look friggin awesome, not humiliated.

So make a suggestion! Anyone can! Put it in the comments, and we'll start voting on Thursday or Friday!