Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Post It Tuesday: In Which I Dedicate One To Supah.

It's Post It Note Tuesday time.

Supah started this shiz, and she gets the credit.

I do this, well, because it's fun, because it's easy, and because it gets me a shit ton of new followers, for which I am most appreciative.

If you're new here, I ask ya to sit down and stay awhile. I've got some wine in the kitchen, why don't you put on this lacy thing right here? That's it. Slowly. Now grab that plate of nachos and feed me. Now that plate of pizza. That's right. Shove it in there. Not slowly. Quick. I'm hungry. Now those cookies... Yeah... Soup? Yeah baby... That's right. Get that salad the hell out of here. Where were we? Oh yeah... Gravy... Mmmmm... No, no I don't need to put it on anything. Just ladle it in my mouth! That's it. Do you have a bigger ladle? No, not that one. The other one. Yeah... Damn. Are those cold cuts? Don't you put vegetables on my sammich... Now let me use that lacy thing as a napkin...

My goodness.

Sticky notes. Right.

If you're wondering what that 5th note was about, here's the deal.

I challenged y'all to go vote for me a while back to win a contest. I said if I won, I'd do something humiliating on video that my readers got to pick. Well, I won.

I need your suggestions, people! So far, there have not been a lot! The only suggestion I won't take is the rap video, because that is already in the works, and it's gonna make me look friggin awesome, not humiliated.

So make a suggestion! Anyone can! Put it in the comments, and we'll start voting on Thursday or Friday!


  1. Yeah, I should appologize to my blood sugars too. Oh well, there's always next week!

  2. I really hope Romo & the cowboys beat the Vikings! I hate the Vikings!...Guess who I LOVE! Pls let the packers get close! I love Rodgers! I love your post its!

  3. LOve LOVE LOVE the one to Bone Thugs they were the shizzle for rizzle! ROFL @ghetto cowboy!!!!!!!!!!

    Hiya Amber!

  4. Look at you going all big time kissing SupahMommy ass! Brown Noser!

    Seriously though, there has been lotsa poop and puke talkin' goin' on!

    They can keep that shit! Although, I could use a kick start to my Lose It Bitches Challenge! Naw...I will do it the old fashion way.

    WILLPOWER. Mine says tell yours to get back on the damn wagon!

  5. Welcome to the world of Sticky notes... Ps you will get addicted and it will turn into some weird kind of unspoken competition to out do other participaters lol

  6. When you get your willpower back on track will you give me some lessons? I'm going to be one crabby bitch when (if) I follow through on my new years resolution to get in shape!

  7. Good stickies T.

    Splenda+Sugar/Diabetes=Fewer Shoes Needed.

    I keep forgetting about that humiliating video thingy.

    *think, brain, think*

  8. I wish I needed to apologize for my eating over the holidays, but my house got the same thing as Supah's. So we have all been on a steady diet of soup and crackers!

    And the intro to this post was just frickin awesome! Hands down, best intro to a blog EVER!

  9. Great Post-its! The extra fat on my ass may never forgive me for my holiday over-eating. Ah, well. J-Lo booty is in right?

  10. Listen here, Travis. I have been checking my mail EVERY DAY for my new follower welcome basket! I'm assuming it comes with a camo jacket and a john deere hat...or maybe something by carhart. I'm hoping it might even have a cheeseburger or two. What gives? I mean I know the mail is supposedly slow this time of year, but seriously?

    And my hubby is from TX...so my boys love the cowboys. It makes me want to hurl that they idolize Tony Romo. Oh how I wish they could've lived in the good ol' days of Troy and Roger. Oh, and interesting little factoid...my hubby played college football with Emmitt's little brother. (Maybe that will help get the basket here faster.) I'll be sitting by my mailbox if you need me...

  11. What up zit killah!? :)


  12. Giants fan here. You can imagine how great my weekend was. And I actually LIVE in Carolina, but was in NY for the holidays. Good times. Just too sad for my boys in blue. Hope we can be friends anyway. ;)

  13. Okay...here's another...put on one of those cute little wrestling outfits...hubs will lend you one...and wrestle a cow in the middle of main street in Okay.

  14. You are welcome. The Princess has a good point, I didn't get my basket either. Oh wait, I just got on board yesterday, so I will hold on patiently. Great Post its btw and Lee has a great idea. I would like to see some good ole fashion cow wrestling!

  15. So this is how one gets all those followers. hmmm.

    hilarious. I'm thrilled that this guy loves me. When you said something about Tony Romo I thought you meant Tony Roma since there was a bit of a food theme going on. :)

  16. BoneBoneBoneBoneBONE...now tell me whatcha' gonna do when there ain't no where to hide...

  17. Gravy is definitely a beverage in my household. And I ain't talkin' bout no canned gravy neither. I popped outta my ma's womb with the knowledge to make a killer roux.

  18. bitch im countin up those followahs you got from my invention

    and again i say

    im chahgin yoah ass.

    see how i changed the ar and the ur to AH.

    That CAN be done as well grasshoppah.. but only if yoah like me.

    Thanks for the postie.. careful about the brown nosing.

    u do know i have the

    * shit shit shit shit
    * poop poop poop
    * vomit vomit vomit 's. right?
    Oh you knew that?

    The intro.. was the best EVAH.

  19. That zit is whispering to its grandchildren, "Avenge me! AVENGE ME!!!!"

  20. LOL @ the last postie!

    ....*supah I didn't really laugh*

  21. I'm waiting to see what you do too, for the video. I like Lee's current suggestion and I like Nancy Campbell's comment about the zits avenging themselves.

  22. I bet blood sugars is one area where I can TOTALLY out weigh you! Wanna try 289 on for size?!?

    Yeah...I thought not....

    Great Pasties....errr...Stickies

  23. the help you need is far beyond the scope of my profession
    but i do love to read your blog
    funny as hell

  24. you need to make a video where you imagine/portray what it would be like to use my dad's japanese toilet.


  25. I freakin' hate those rat bastard zits! I thought I was past adolescence too you know?! LoL!

  26. I didn't have patience to read all comments, so this may be duplicate.
    When I lost a bet on a social network site, I had to wear a dress and video tape it.
    The dress I got at charity store was too small (how the hell should I know my dress size?) but I made it do any way. I still get compliments.

  27. One of these days I'll do my stickies. *sigh*
    And as for the video....can you yodel? :D

  28. great post its.....when I wanted to get people to donate to the walk I was doing I promised to wear a dress so that could be a good one..doing something in a dress...I'll have to ask the wife she's good at coming up with humiliating things

  29. Do you think the holiday food could have something to do with the zits. I'm not judging. *wipes peanut butter fudge crumbs off couch*

  30. You zit's cousin has taken residency on the side of my chin....uggghh! I miss Bone Thugz and Harmony!!!!

    I grew up in Cowboy town, so yeah, GO COWBOYS!! We need to get back to winning Super Bowls again!

    (stopping by from Hormones Headaches and Hot Flashes)

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