Saturday, December 5, 2009

Some Changes.

You might have noticed some changes around here.

Well, I like them.

You may tell me what you think.

However, iffen it's negative, you can take your suggestion, wad it up into a tight little ball, and...

I digress.

So yeah, it's my winter theme. I'll probably change that shiz in the spring.

Also, some of you may remember a while back, me posting a tweet and a FB status update about me beating the gas pump at Wal-Mart by letting it wonder whether or not I wanted a receipt. Well, tonight it got it's revenge.

As I was walking by the pump to go pay for my gas, I heard Edwards voice from Twilight.

I don't mind tellin ya, I almost stopped dropped and rolled. It sounded like he was right behind me, and he was speaking in that sad, emo monotone he always uses. Sure that I was about to become his first human meal in ages, I kind of panicked a bit, maybe even ducked, before I realized that his voice was coming from the same exact TV that keeps offering me 7 cents a gallon off of gas if I just add $897 worth of fuel saving additive.

So yeah...

My war with this machine continues. I will win.

I'll be back with a tear jerking post tomorrow. Shit will make you laugh and cry at the same time. Kind of like you did anytime President Bush talked. You'll love it. I won't even have to type much. It'll just be a picture, and that will be all it takes. And no, it won't be me naked.

Also, there has been some talk about me doing a rap vlog. I am thinking about this. Let me know if you would like to see it!


  1. Ah, I snorted when I read that bit about Edward stalking you... I'd duck too man. Emo kid might cry on me or something....

    And YES you need to do a rap vlog! HELL YES!

    Theme is good. Thumbs up.

  2. I hate that stupid thing on the gas pumps. Why in the crap have an off button if it's not ever going to shut the crap up!!

    Definitely want to see the rap vlog.

  3. I would have totally ninja kicked that pumps ass.

    Do gas pumps have asses?

    If not, I would have kicked it in the hose.

  4. I would LOVE to see a Travis rap vlog. OMG! Can't wait!

    p.s. I know you're too manly for awards, but there's one waiting for you over at my place.

  5. Go TravyG! vlog rap with Dr. Tre'G would be super fabulous!

  6. Thanks for making the white writing on black go far away - it hurt my eyes!

    Pres. Bush made me laugh and cry all at the same time too - great line!

  7. Keep it real TravyG - Yo Peeps gotcho back!

  8. um, rap vlog? yes please! duh...

  9. So you are freely admitting that you know what Edward sounds like and, apparently, have seen the movie? You da man! ;-)

  10. So I wanna know what Edward was saying to you?

  11. Those tv's always scare the pee out of me when they start up.
    PS Love the lighter background and the stretch layout, too. Very nice.

  12. A rap vlog would most likely bring a giggle!!! Oh, and I like the new's stretchier!!!

    P.S. My daughter watches iCarly...don't know if you are familiar with the show or not. If you do, you will know who I'm talking about here...if not, you won't! Gibby. I picture Gibby as a young Travy G!!! I'm tellin' ya...

  13. I like the new theme, and a rap vlog would be the awesomest!


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