Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Suggestions, And A Vote.

We all now know that a few days ago, I asked y'all to vote for me, y'all showed up like Republicans to a gun show, and I wound up winning a $50 gift card.

What did you win?

Well, you won the right to choose what I have to do to reimburse you for your vote.

I'd like to lay out a few ground rules though.

The first rule is this:

After January 1st, I'm going on a diet for 6 weeks, and I can't eat anything. None of you suggested anything like that, so it's all good. And yeah, I'll tell you all about the diet later.

Second rule:

I WON'T DO ANYTHING NAKED. Geez, people. I have limits, and there isn't enough pixelation in the world to cover up the stuff on me you don't want to see.

Third rule:

I won't do anything illegal. Seriously? Run down main street with a target on my butt? Geez. What is it with you people? 

With all that being said, I will give you the suggestions that were given to me that follow those guidelines, plus a few of my own that I have thrown in. Y'all have to vote on it, and if you want to rig the vote by sending your followers over here to vote for your choice, by all means, go ahead. Just post in the comments the one you vote for. One of the suggestions was "do something with bacon." So if you want me to do whatever you vote for with bacon, just add a "with bacon" to the end of your vote.

1. Wear a dress and make a vlog while wearing a dress. (I will perform a musical number.)

2. Get in a potato sack and hop across town.

3. Do a "polar bear" dive into the local lake in nothing but a pair of skivvies.

4. Dress up like Lindsay Lohan and say something to my adoring fans, in my best LL voice.

5. Make a Birthday Sex video.

6. Make a "Just because my pickle talks doesn't make me an idiot" video.

7. Make a video on how I plan to become mayor of Okay.

8. Make a video explaining how I'd use Erin's dad's Japanese toilets.

9. Yodel.

10. Ed and Moog's pick.

I'm sorry Lee, but I can't think of anyone who would loan me a cow to wrestle, otherwise that one would be up there. For sure, I'd wind up accidentally killing a cow by suplexing it, and then where would I be? I'm pretty sure that's a "if I break I buy it" type thing.

There you have it. Let the voting begin!

Since neither Ed nor Moog made suggestions, I went ahead and made them the 10th choice, which just means that they can collaborate on something for me to do, and then announce it. As long as it follows the rules, I will do it.

You can only vote once, but like I said, you can invite your friends over to vote as well. Heck, that'd be cool, because I might have a chance at breaking 50 comments for the first time ever!

Voting ends at midnight central time.



  1. Well...since my target and my cow are out, I say let Ed and Mooooog decide and whatever they decide add some bacon on the side!

  2. I'm voting for the Polar Bear. And good luck getting your balls out of your throat when they finally unthaw! Oh. and with bacon! Cause everything is better with bacon. :)

  3. Whatever Ed and Moog come up with. Bacon on the side please!

  4. Maybe it's just me, but I think because you got so many votes, that you should have to do ALL of the above :-)

  5. whatever ed and moooooog decide... with bacon.

  6. You can't go wrong with #10 (meaning that it will be fun for us.) I'd also like to see #1 with full makeup.

  7. #7 - A Travis for Mayor Political Ad would be awesome. As long as there's bacon.


  8. # 1, naturally. I don't want to be the only whatever.
    I'd like to see you out do me.
    I know you can.

  9. I'd like to see your politcal platform and how you plan to become Mayor. I think you can really do a lot with that one!

  10. I'll take the #10 with a side of bacon, please.
    Thank you.


  11. Definitely #10 ....with bacon please!

  12. #2 of course. Why is there any question? :)

  13. Wait..does it have to be legal?

    Just curious on how open my options are, here.

  14. Darn it, I wanted the cow. But I suppose the second best will have to do. I will vote #10 with bacon please.

  15. I'm curious as to what Ed and Moog come up with since that seems to be the winning vote.

  16. I agree that Ed & Moog need to decide, but maybe you should add #1 to it and do whatever they choose dressed up as a really girly-girl. And absolutely...there MUST be bacon!

  17. As much as I'd like to see what Ed and Moog come up with I think the NO NAKED and NOTHING ILLEGAL thing will totally get in the way of their creative I'm voting for number 1. I'd like to see you do a musical a dress...

  18. How about no 1; except singing in the nude the song "Little Things Mean A Lot."

  19. Ummm. Hmm. so I'm noew around your town but I am pretty sure I voted for you at Lee's place. Even if I didn't I am going to vote. Because I am pushy like that. And I vote for the Polar Bear Dive thingy.

  20. I'm gonna vote for #10 (with a side of bacon) because I like the element of surprise.

    I forgot to give you my suggestion before the deadline, but since it included climbing a water tower and a possible ass sighting that may or may not have had a message for warvet written in ruby red lipstick....I'm guessing it wouldn't have made the cut anyway.

  21. #10 extra bacon, plz

  22. Okay, this is a tough one!!!
    Hmmmm...hmmmmmmmm...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...ok, got it: I would like to see you launching your political career as the future Okay major while adding the word "bacon" to pretty much every single line of your speech!! (while it makes it sound funny and not gross!!) LOL
    Now that would be hilarious, and like someone else said...everything is better with bacon!!

  23. YODEL... in the kilt..... PLEASE hahahahaha

  24. Looks like Ed and Moog is gonna win, so I just hope that they make you dress up like Beyonce in her Single Ladies video, and make you dance to the entire song exactly as they do it. That would be awesomely funny! =)

  25. Holy shit! Of course we have to go with the wild card! Ed and Moooog, plus bacon.


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