Saturday, December 26, 2009

Y'all Roll Hard. That's Real.

Well, I asked my readers to come support me, and I currently have a call in to Vicky's Secret to market your support as the best damn bra ever.
That's real.

You remember that contest I asked you to go vote for me on?

I won. That's right. I won.

It wasn't a clean victory. I wanted to keep it honest, then it got hairy, and I had to call y'all in.

That's like twice in a week.

And twice in a week, y'all have kept it real.

I was wicked excited about that, until I remembered the deal I made with y'all.


I'm effed.

Anyway, I guess I owe you.

Here's how that's gonna work.

Starting today, and lasting until, say, next Wednesday, I'm gonna take suggestions  for what you guys think I should do in my video. When I've collected the suggestions, you're gonna vote for the best ones. The winner of that? That's what I do.

I'd ask you to play nice, but I know that's not going to happen.

On a positive note, with the 50 extra dollars, I'm going to be able to film myself with a BRAND NEW VIDEO CAMERA! FTW!

Let me have it, folks.



  1. Off the top of my head I would like to see a video of how to make friends and influence people in Okay, and how you are going to run for mayor.

  2. I can guarantee that nohing I could come up with would be as good as your ability to humiliate yourself. Therefore, I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  3. WOO HOO! I wanna see you streak through downtown Okay. With a target painted on your ass.

  4. I would say Congrats, but I am a sore loser and I am still pissed at you, ya Copy Cat WHORE!

  5. Ok so Travie - my heart was in it - for real! I wanted to vote for you and I never did. Not because I didn't want you to win, because I totally did! I am just effin busy. I hope you can forgive me.

    If I did vote - and I had a shot at telling you what to do, then I would say you'd have to make a video about Birthday Sex because that would be so damn funny!

    Congrats on the win, that is awesome!!

  6. Congrats on the WIN.

    Glad you're gonna be able to get a new camera, cause now I don't have to send you one.

    I can't believe you're gonna give me till Wednesday to think up something.

    You're totally eff'ed.

  7. Sorry I missed the whole voting thing, on account of my "blogcation," but congrats anyway!

  8. Yay! No actual real ideas cos I've been drunk since Friday but woo hoo!

  9. In the spirit of the contest for which you won, I'd suggest a video about "Just because my pickle talks doesn't make you an idiot."

    But that's because I liked your soap commercial, your lost followers video and you asked to take it easy on you.

  10. I want to see a vlog rap video with TravyG and Kidfunk!

  11. I voted for you, but I told people you threatened to beat me with your Christmas pickle if I didn't. Which wasn't very nice of me, so....anyway, I guess I won't make any suggestions for the video other than hoping it will somehow involve bacon.

  12. i guess the only logical thing to request would be for you to get dressed up like lindsay lohan and say a few words to your adoring public
    in your best lindsay lohan voice, of course.

  13. gawd, whatever. take a couple days off and the whole blogosphere goes to hell in a handbasket. i have not a friggin' clue one what is goin' on anymore. sigh.

  14. Can I vote again? I was in a hurry the first time and didn't read all the comments before I left mine.

    I sort of LOVE the one Lee suggested. I think I'd like to second that emotion please.



  15. I voted for you once.

    So.. Let's see here.

    i'd like to see you get into a potato sack and hop across town , ( taggin onto LEe.. naked with a target on your ass. )

    The hopping would just be FUNNAY. cuz no one can hop cool.

  16. Well, I took third place... and I would have like to challenge you a run off that mostly involved beer pong and that midget who rode the tricycle in Happy Gilmore (don't ask, just trust it would have been good), but I've decided instead to gracefully sumbit defeat. You truly are the superior, well done sir. :-)


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