Friday, January 22, 2010

Getting You Through The Weekend.

I've got some random things here to get you through the weekend. I won't be around much, kids, because daddy has to work late.

First things first, because he's my homie.

Kid Funk is on iTunes. That's right, he is. Just search for "A Morning Grey" and he will pop up. He'd also like me to tell you that every time his song is downloaded, a tree is planted, because he's a philanthropist like that. He's blowin up, y'all. And if you think I won't use his future stardom to promote the heck outta this blog, you're wrong.

Here is a link to his Myspace Music page. 


You may have heard about this video contest going on over at Lee's place for her soap. I made a commercial, and so did Moog, Ed, and Corrie. Here's the thing. A month or so ago, things were ROUGH at the Sloat household. Real rough. So rough, we didn't really have enough money for groceries. Now, I know I could stand to skip a few meals, but we didn't really want to do that. However, Corrie had a contest for a comment her son made, and I wound up winning it, using, by my standards, what I call "dirty pool." I won a $50 gift card, which honestly helped us make it through the month, and my faithful voters were supposed to be rewarded. Well, that hasn't happened yet, and I honestly don't see it happening anytime real soon. So, in the meantime, I want you to go vote for Corrie in this contest. Her kid made a commercial, and she promised him the $50 prize money for it if he won. Since I have the most LOYAL followers ever, I don't think that's gonna be a problem, is it? :) Just click the word "Lee's" up at the top of this rant, then vote in the sidebar. Thanks guys!

Oh, and buy some soap while you're at it?

And lastly, I have some pictures for you.

I was looking through some gadgets for Blogger the other day, when I ran across this gem. Seriously? Bella Swan quotes? Geez, I need to get this up on my page right away so y'all don't miss one more days worth of sage advice from this vampire loving emo chick with a penchant for werewolves. Seriously. But yeah. Blogger? You might want to just take this off the list.

Next picture:

That's right. Think about this tonight and all weekend, ladies. It could be you that I'm hammering. Yeah...

And finally, this is a little something I made you to tide you over just in case that last picture wasn't enough.

Have a good weekend, folks. Now go vote!


  1. That questionnaire was supposed to be confidential!!

  2. I like that the blowjobs was a question. Like, he just wanted to know, yo.

  3. you're kind of glowy/sparkly in that picture...are you a vampire in love with bella swan?
    also, can i borrow your hammer and pound myself in the head until i forget all things twilight?

  4. Ah, hope springs eternal for the soon-to-be married man. For married men, all hope is lost.

    Is it okay if I fantasize about you hammering something at my house (just not me)?

  5. It's Mooooog's fault. He was supposed to come up with an idea.

    He's older, and I'm lazy and sexier.

    I would vote for her, but I have already maxed out my voting rights on myself.

    Glad to see Funk is making it big and not afraid of a little self promotion through a friend.

  6. That's really a sweet gesture, Travis.

    (Says the person who was in the lead in Corrie's contest until your minions came a calling!)

    Seriously, props to you. That's so nice.

  7. That would be a great cover picture for that rap video you still have yet to produce... just sayin'

  8. Oh Travis. You always give me the best laugh. We'll keep your Twitter busy this weekend. :)

  9. Oh, I thought the picture of the hammer was to give us nightmares about you coming to our house in the middle of night acting out all the videos you've been watching.

    And thanks for the promo of the kid's video.

  10. Moog and Ed have the biggest EPIC FAIL of all times not getting something together for you to do!

    WHERE is our DAMN rap video of you and Funk?

  11. I'm going to go use my last leftover iTunes dollar to by Mr. Funk's song. I liked it anyway, I should have done it earlier.
    Also, that last picture will never, EVER cease to be funny. Ah, the blind hopes of youth. lol

  12. YOu should have done Beyonce with the leotard and all... :/

    I already voted and I can't change it. :(

  13. Oh geez, just read that last comment...I will donate funds if you recreate Beyonces Single Ladies video with peeps from Okay. Seriously.

  14. I did just what you said to do. cuz I'm a loyal fan like that.

  15. Yo, Big T, if you feel like interruptin' all that weekend mischief I know you're up to, come on by my blog, I've got something for you ... just sayin'.

  16. Is "stop sucking the dick" part of a woman's post-marriage code?

    Because if so, *booo hiss*...I mean, what the fuck?


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