Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Year (2010) In Review...

2010 has been crazy already.

Here are some things I've learned.

1.) Not all cops are douchebags.

2.) If your tag is 6 months out of date, you should get a new one.

3.) A 1995 Chevy pickup requires brake fluid for the brakes to operate.

4.) Home-ec student made chili is a WICKED bad idea. Twice.

5.) If you think that your 65" Mitsubishi flat screen TV doesn't work, maybe you should plug it in first, because if you just leave it behind when your house gets foreclosed on, Travis and The Missus will get a brand new TV.

6.) Liquid diets will, in fact, kill you.

7.) Chili's is a great way to end an almost life ending diet.

8.) Jillian Michaels is a bitch.

9.) Going back to school after a Christmas vacation sucks the worst kind of ass.

10.) No one really understood National Palindrome Day.

11.) It is entirely possible to be drunk for 48 hours.

12.) Skillet is great for emo time.

13.) I REALLY like Lady Gaga.

14.) Learning 15 things in 5 days is WAY too much.

I totally ripped this idea from Ginger Mandy, who posted something similar yesterday, and who is currently ostracizing me on Twitter for a comment made to a friend of her's, and I totally called it.

"I feel stupid, but I think I've been catchin on. I feel ugly, but I know I still turn you on." -Matchbox 20.


That's right.

I ended with a Matchbox 20 song lyric.


  1. Love it and love the quote. I'm always learning stuff from you!


    Jillian Michaels is a bitch with a stomach I would like to eat ice cream off of.

    There. That's better.

  3. #10. I got it. The next one is 11-02-2011 followed by 12-02-2021 and you better enjoy them because the one after that doesn't come around until 10-12-2101. I'll enjoy all three, but that comes from clean living.

    Yeah, that's bullshit. I'll be lucky if I see the one in 2021.


  4. Matchbox 20??? LMFAO!!! Are they still around?

  5. Hell, I wouldn't taste anything made by a home-ec student! When I was in home-ec, I made potato and eggs...only I began cooking the eggs first and then added the potatoes. =P

  6. TravyG - I was just pulled over for the same damn reason, of course I told the officer it was Ward's fault for not paying the registration fee!

    Careful learning so much in so few days...

  7. I <3 Lady Gaga too and I'm really mad at myself for that..

    And wtf how come you found a tv? The only thing I ever found after someone moved out was a toothbrush and some very questionable looking magazines...

  8. Ok sweetie you are aware the Skillet is a Christian screamo group right.. How do I know this.. well ummm my children have attended their concerts at Ichthus, one child worked with them and got tons of free stuff for doing so .. although I will say I would love to have the female lead singer's figure and she is married to the lead guitarist.
    I won't say I told ya so on the liquid diet ... moving on..
    I got the palindrome some of us are still geeks. I have never eaten at Chili's
    My oldest took home ec , made biscuits that almost got him taken out by the drug sniffing dog it was hilarious after the fact lol..

  9. I love me some Matchbox... cause I'm not crazy I'm just a little unwell.

    You've learned a lot. I feel like a slackass cause all I've learned is how to be a bitch...oh no wait a minute... yea sources are confirming I already knew how to do that.

  10. Jillian Michaels.....I'd totally tap that.

    I still like Matchbox 20.

    Liz just discovered she likes Lady Gaga.

    When she told me that, I imediately punched her in the throat.

    Okay, we both know that's a lie. I don't hit women and I don't want my ass kicked by Liz.

  11. Despite the fact that two of my neighbors' houses are sitting empty, I can have no such luck when it comes to grabbing a free television. Both of them moved out on their own accord and didn't have Johnny Law taking their keys...

  12. SCORE! On the tv!

    I'm seriously questioning the damage of your short lived liquid diet...Lady Gaga?

    And clue what how much it sucks to go back to school after Christmas vacay. We're getting an extra week. You can totally rub in it my face though when we're still making up those days as Fourth of July rolls by and you're frying your pork in the sun.

  13. Yes, you can indeed stay drunk for 48 hours! It's an awesome thing that people can't do too much though. Although when my kids bring that algebra shit home and need help I realize I might be better at math if I were drunk. Or at least I might enjoy it more.

    My sister is a cop and she works in one of the most dangerous places in STL and she is still in the military too. She is pretty badass! So no, they aren't all douchebags.

    And I would have never pegged you as a Matchbox 20 and Lady Gaga kinda guy! You just keep surprising me...

  14. Jillian needs anger management, or she needs to eat something. She might not be so angry if she tried chocolate.


  15. It is possible to be drunk for 48 hours. In fact, I think you can be drunk for an entire week. My college buddies and I did that every semester right before finals. We cleverly referred to it as "Drunk Week". Cuz we were genie-asses.

  16. How many times will I need to teach you to diet the QUICK (and almost painlessly) way? Jeez!

    As for Gaga, you can have her. TO me she's a 1-hit wonderling.

    Being shit-faced for 48 hours don't sound too bad to me. (=

  17. your ostracization of frickineh is completely sarcastic, i love watching people make inappropriate comments to my friends. isn't that what it's all about?

    and jillian michaels isn't just a bitch... she is a FILTHY, SLIMY, WITCH of a WHORE. that's what she is. i just had to get that off my chest.

  18. I wish your cop had been my cop when I was 1 month behind on the car tag deal. I think you have entire posts behind each thing you've learned.

    I so love the Matchbox 20 ending. That's the last concert I've been to. I am that cool.

  19. I'm pretty sure Slimfast says right on the can "warning: drinking this will kill you".

  20. Okay, National Palindrome Day - I gotta agree that people just didn't get it. When I tried explained it to one of my co-workers, she listened intently, then said, "Oh, like Jaws?"
    Then, when I re-explained it, she nodded and said, "OH, now I get it - you mean words like dog and cat. What about pig? Is pig one?"
    Oh good grief.

  21. Ugh. Jillian Michaels IS a huge bitch (which I am more than happy to scream at her while sweating to death and gasping for breath doing her "30 Day Shred"). I can vouch for the possibilities of being drunk for 48 hours (see: my last trip to Las Vegas).

  22. twice, TWICE you ate chili made by a home-ec student? What the hell is wrong with you? And I beg to differ about all cops being ass holes. Or maybe I have yet to master the cry.

  23. I'd say overall a pretty eventful year! LoL! :)

  24. Travy, you think Jillian's a bitch now, just wait until she personally kicks your ass.... Hahahaha! It would be AWESOME!

    Love the new look. And seriously, dude, I'll take Lady Gaga over freaking Justin Bieber ANY DAY!!!

  25. If, like me, you have the humor of a adolescent boy, google Eric Cartman's version of "Poker Face."

    Good times.

  26. Heeeeeeyyyyy...Princess likey the new look!

    It's blue.

    My youngest son's K5 teacher wrote on my fb wall that they were talking about palindromes like "wow", "mom", and "dad" at school yesterday. My son piped in and said, "Like racecar!" THAT's RIGHT you little kindergarten punks!!! MY son is destined for the gifted and talented group!! You little nose pickers keep counting to 20 while my kid runs over to the fifth grade hall for a little supplemental learning. Wait.....on which hall do they start talking hormonally? Maybe we'll just keep him with all the slow kids for a while....

  27. fuck. i so need to get back to some civilization. i don't even know who lady gaga is.

    but i do know who jillian michaels is and i have a major girl crush on her!

  28. Good lord....offline for a couple of days and you've redecorated.

    Lady Gaga....your interesting ways never cease to amaze me. I shall now commence calling you, Lady GooGoo

  29. Why oh why am I now picturing you driving around with your expired tags, passing gas from chili belting out Paparazzi by Lady Gaga?

  30. If I want to loose ugly weight, I just jump behid the door till my wife passes then I go the other way. She waddles on and I've lost her.

    Like your new look, too.

  31. wow you have learned quite a bit in the last six days! Home ec chili? Umm no. Never.
    I love lady gaga, I'm glad someone else does too!


  33. how is it even possible to lose weight when you are chock-full of so many pieces of wisdom ?

  34. Love the new look. Glad you got the new TV! I'm going to look up National Palindrome day.

  35. Wow, your new look is awesome! I grabbed your . . button!

  36. Lady Gaga's just flying her freaky flag. She's got a great voice and I think she likes pushing the envelope on fashion - if you can call it "fashion"! I personally only wear my bird's nest around the house.


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