Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Post For Your Weekend...

It has been a hell of a week. I'll be back on Monday with a Memoir about Wednesday.

Other than that, here are some pictures to get you through the weekend.

As per usual, I've made them over at BigHugeLabs.

Yeah... That's my little brother.

This is what NY TV is like. Honest. 

Also, what's the one song on your iPod you never skip? The answer I like best gets a special shout out on Tuesday!

Mine is Push by Matchbox 20. 

That's all, folks. 

Have a great weekend, and get your Memoirs ready for Monday!


  1. Dancing Queen by Abba!

    Funny pix! Mooooog has created a fabulous protege.

  2. I love Matchbox 20 will have to pay attention next time it comes on my ipod.

    Mine would be Rewind by Stereophonics

  3. Love Push--and you could add the defacing of street signs--there are more "deer crossing" signs with big um, er...male parts (lol) painted on them around here!

    And do the Jews go on sale? BOGO?

  4. "Bedshaped" by Keane...swoon.

  5. I don't have an ipod. How lame is that?

  6. My hormones have never stolen a street sign. This isn't to say I haven't. I just don't think it was ever caused know what? You're probably right.

    Hormones also hijacked a steamroller.

    Faded by Soul Decision. I'd be embarrassed, but I have no shame about my cheesy taste in music.

  7. Rock N Roll by Eric Hutchinson

  8. Supermodel (You Better Work) by RuPaul! Don't judge me . . . :)

  9. I will never understand the fascination with street signs that boys seem to have...

    Lete My Love Open the Door...Pete Townshend.

  10. I've been given a few signs over the years, as in the Bill Engvall kind. But I've never actually taken one from public.

    I never skip over Cherry Bomb by John Mellencamp.

  11. Don't hate me...

    The song is "Toxic" by poet/philosopher, Britney Spears.

    That, and a lil' ditty called "Yeti Stomp" by the Backyardigians.

  12. I never skip "American Girl" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

  13. I'm old school - White Snake's "Here I Go Again", it was my personal 'break-up song' I used to get over it and go kick some ass - worked every time!!

  14. Hormones...Jonathan's counselor just suggested his recurrence of meltdowns might be because of hormones being introduced into his growing body.

    Shut your mouth!

  15. The word hormones just sounds dirty...or is that just me with my sick BIRTHDAY mind?!

    Anyway, now I have to think of a memoir post ARRRRRRRRRRRR homework blows!

  16. Fast Car by Tracie Chapman

    As usual, rockin' poster Fishemaster.

    Must've been a doozie of a week for you...hope the weekend is restful for you...

  17. I'd have to go with Supper's Ready by Genesis. Sometimes it's inconvenient.

  18. I like Matchbox 20 and I'm not (too) ashamed to admit it. Rob Thomas bears a striking resemblance to someone I stalked, er, dated in my 20's.

    I never skip Gold Digger (the Glee version).

  19. Seriously?

    "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey.

    (Though "All I Want For Christmas" by Mariah Carey is a close second.)

  20. Benny and the Jets by Elton John

  21. I have a lot of songs I don't skip... but a few are
    Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson
    Rock & Roll by Eric Hutchinson (it's actually my ringtone now)
    Let it Rock by Kevin Rudolf and Lil Wayne

  22. Hey! My dad works for the Street Dept. The very place you hormone crazed hooligans steal those signs from. Don't worry... I won't tell. ;)

    My song is Uptown Girl by Billy Joel. I know its cheesy and old school but it's been my song since I was like 2.

  23. I never skip If Tha Mood by Esthero. It's hot and makes me feel super sexy.

  24. I never skip "Mr. Roboto" by Styx. Sad, I know. Don't judge.

    Get yo ass back to bloggin dude!

    OH, and a shout out every freakin' blue moon on the crackberry would be nice!

  25. my hormones have made me steal many a sign.

    no skippers on the ipod:
    golden years - david bowie
    wooly bully - sam the sham
    come on eileen - dexy's midnight runners
    infected - bad religion

    ok that list made me seem really up there in age. i am not. just dont skip those songs. ever.

    i think i need a new playlist.

  26. I never skip "Stronger" by Kanye West. In fact, I crank it up!

  27. One of those weeks... hope next week will be better!

    on the iPod: Ants Marching - Dave Matthews Band


  28. Paradise by the Dashboard Lights - Meatloaf!

  29. Those were hilarious!

    And mine is Wake Up, by The Arcade Fire! :)

  30. Bowie. Anything from Ziggy Stardust. Five Years is a personal favorite.

  31. Like there are any other types of Jews other than fine Italian ones.

  32. I am sadly addicted to the Twilight soundtrack, but rarely get to listen to that (or any adult music, for that matter), so if I had to say what is most played it would be either Funky Mama or Laurie Berkner. Even sadder that I sing along and like it. Oh well.


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