Friday, February 19, 2010

For The Weekend, And People You Should Be Reading.

I've recently hit 220 followers, and I've been stuck there longer than...well, me on your mom.

So at the end of this, I'm going to list some people you should be reading because they are funny and make me actually laugh. I'm doing this in the blatant hope that they'll all shamelessly promote ME and maybe get me over this friggin hump.

Until then, here are a couple of posters I made over at BigHugeLabs.

And yeah, I totally stole the "idea" from Moog. And he's the first guy you should be following. Unless you love Jesus, puppies, kittens, good parenting, God, the church, the Bible, your self-esteem, etc.

And here's my list. Click on their names to go see em, then hit the follow button. If your name doesn't make the list, don't feel bad. I still love you. Swearz. 

Seriously. I hate making lists. If you want your name to be on there, then tell me. Hell, I'll add it. Sort of a circle of life type thing. 

For those of you who don't know Shine, or don't know know why I typed that. Just click that sentence. It'll shed some light on that last poster. 

Have a good weekend, I love you all, and let's get me to 250 by Monday. Thanks. 


  1. Hehe. I'm lucky you have a good sense of humor.

    We're planning an internets group hug for you for all the laughing that's been done at your expense.

  2. Hey, I hit 39 followers and got all excited about that...and then you have to go bragging about your 220. Psh. Whatever.

  3. I am commenting from my BB that's how much I love you. I'll give you a shout out next week....promise!!

  4. Hmmmm . . . I don't have 220 . . . Followers yet either! I was feeling pretty good about my 170. LoL! :)

  5. I'm not surprised to see your wedding ring on the post...considering you compared the size to something else, which I believe has become a topic of conversation recently.

  6. Hey, now! I just started following you not to contradict your statement about being at 220 for a while now...but I guess I am! :)

    And I'm not ashamed to admit it was the Q-tip trick that got me hooked.

  7. It seems like you get to a point and then the counter seems to get stuck...mine is too!

    Oh...and Missouri has quite a few meth labs too...which makes me think the science and math classes need to be advanced so that they teach them how to do make that shit without blowing themselves up. (I am not promoting it, I am just saying...idiots who don't know how to measure or what chemicals shouldn't mix are an accident waiting to happen!)

  8. OMG! This is great and I wish you luck! Also, I followed all the links and OMG did I laugh hysterically at the video!! I'm going to post something on my site about this and then finish my own blog...but people HAVE to come follow this penis stuff LMAO!

  9. I've been meaning to do a similar shout out post for a while. I've just been lazy. If it's numbers you're after, you should check out the Follow Friday thingie over at Midday Escapades & One 2 Try.

    Thanks for the love and I cracked up when I saw that ring---reminded me of my vlog w/ Lee! LOL!

  10. Thanks for the shout out Travy G! You da bomb! I will definitely send some peeps your way!

  11. You are seriously disturbed my friend. I think most people that follow me already follow you. But, I will publicly blow ya next week.

    Geez...ya little whore.

  12. Hey, Shine changed her layout. Neat.

    I've pimped you once. I'll pimp you again. I'll even use a different story this time when I do.

    I'm cool like that.

  13. And I just now posted and did my part...go check it out! :)

  14. Hey, I'm number 2! SWEET!

    Thanks man.

  15. You know, I'm honestly suprised Ed didn't saying something about being on top of me....he's probably still a little wigged out about having Mooog on top of him though - sort of understandable.

    Whos your bitch?


    So yeah, a little blog blowing? I'm in...I'll definitely give a you good plug...

    not butt plugs because
    1. I don't have any
    2. I don't have any that would fit in yours....

  16. I'm not sure if I should be thankful for the plug or scarred for life because of Shine's post. Regardless, I reciprocated the plug, because that's what it's all about. Take that whatever way you want because whatever way you're thinking, that's probably the way I meant it.

  17. I need a Texas-sized balcony for my 40 ft. trailer. Then I'd REALLY be trailer trash! But, wait, then we couldn't be pulling this sucker around. Never mind.

    You are one funny, and deranged, person. And I like that in a human being.

  18. oklahoma sized meth lab?? bwahahahaa!! awesome!

  19. Now you're up to 223. Why? Because Daffy said she'd take my first born if I didn't ;)

    Ian over @

  20. Well damn, I guess I can thank you for the two followers who popped up today.

    I also guess I will have to return the favor... but the question is "how?".

  21. Good luck, Travis! I think you should have a million followers. You are SUPAH funny and I enjoy your posts! And Ed has been one of my favorites as well. I will check out the other suggestions!

  22. I'm everso glad I could add to your count, as it were.

    And I'd buy the size 16 ring poster, you know, if I had an unlimited poster budget, and really, really big walls.

  23. I came over from Josh's blog over at The Technical Parent because he told me to. I am staying because I love what I see!

    I am now following you, so we are friends now :P

  24. LOL!

    227 followers!! Nice! I follow half of your list! :P

  25. Funny, 'cause I came over after seeing your comment at Dame Nuisance's.....I will come back to sleuth out your list and read more posts. Come say hi as well. DO it. (attempt at humor doesn't translate well on a computer monitor, sorry.)

  26. You are insatiable, Travis!

    Need I remind you of this day?:

    It's only been a few months and look at all the new friends you have made! Sunny side, man. Sunny side. =)


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