Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Guest Post Numero Uno: Ed from Ed's Funny Pages!

Ladies and gents, I give you the man that needs no introduction, ED!

After you read, you better go to his blog and check out his hilarity. Click on this sentence. 

Here his is!

Usually that’s what people do in the comment section, but since I’m the first guest poster in this new series of guest posters on Travis’ blog, that means I WIN!
Sadly, all the other posters will be TRYING to follow me……”The Original”, which is somewhat like “The Situation”, only less orange-y …….and disease-freer.
(That last part was for you, Tamara! Stop blaming me for your drip! The rash maybe, but not the drip.)
I’m Ed.
I’ve been a follower of Travis’ since he had only about 16.
Back then, (before he sold out to The Man) he was like a poor man’s version of Larry The Cableguy.
You know, before Nutrisystem……………When Larry was still fat and funny.
Yes, the good old days.
That’s when our Bromance was still new.
I would read his blog, he would read mine.
We would trade comments.
Occassionally, we would g-chat.
Maybe even a phone call or two.
And of course, we exchanged tons of nudie pics or ourselves.
But not anymore! Oh no.
Now, he’s all busy with his NEW “friends”………..You all.
Kicked me to the curb faster than Samantha did Lindsey.
There was a time, before the Man-ymoon ended, that we planned our World Domination together.
We even had ideas for a secret commune compound of funny bloggers, from which we would rule the comedic world.
Then he hit 200 followers, and I was left in the dust while he chased his dreams at the video store.
So now, our Man-love is one-sided.
While he’s off with his legion of fans and Blackberry bitches, I’m now the proverbial fat kid waiting to get picked for kickball.
“Pick me, pick me! PLEASE! Pick me!”
Hell, even my own wife and kids love Travis more than they do me. L

Seriously though, I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with this guest post.
The last time I appeared on Travis’ blog, other than in the comment section, was for his 100th Post Roast.
And since I spent the whole time saying mean things about him and the other roasters, I figured I should be nice this time.
It’s just like momma always said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!”
And so……………