Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Todays Guest Blog: Kiera From Imperfect Daisies!

Hello everyone! Today is a guest post from Kiera over at Imperfect Daisies. Click on her name there to go visit and follow and stalk and torture and...yeah I'm going to stop there. Anyway, she's a blast, and she's married to a man that refuses to read her blog, so go over there and make him jealous! There will be many more guest bloggers through the coming weeks on Wednesday, so get ready! She also would like me to tell you that there will be pictures of the following trip on her site today!

Olympic Wisdom, Firsthand 

I went skiing last week for the first time in 6 years.  What I remember from being 17 was loving the exhilaration of it.  I remember going fast, and I remember walking down one of the hills because I was too scared.  That's about it.  Being 17 one doesn't think or observe too much- unless it's effects him or her directly.

I was so pumped to going skiing again for my hub's birthday.  We brought along my parents and got a condo so that they could watch the kids enjoy this mini vaca with us.  As soon as the kids went to bed, we snuck out to hit the slopes.  My experience was entirely enjoyable but I observed so much more.  So just in case you're a very, very novice skier, here are a couple of things I learned/observed about this wonderful winter sport.
  • There's no need to carbo load like you're an Olympian:  Before skiing, we went to eat dinner at the locally brewery.  Typically when we go out to eat I still like to eat semi healthfully, but this time I figured we would be skiing and after all, skiing is one of the best workouts, right?  So I ordered a homemade pasta dish with beef, beef, beef, and the thickest, starchiest most delicious noodles you've ever had.  I didn't stop at the halfway point either.  I'm pretty sure I downed a pound of pasta with a pound of beef and tomato sauce.  And beer.  After we were through skiing for an hour and a half, I happily asked Mr Incredible how many calories he thought I'd burned.  He said, "one hundred."  ONE HUNDRED?  I consumed a month's worth of carbs and more cow than I can stomach to think.  One hundred calories?  "Well, you have to think, Kiera, half of the time we were skiing we were on the ski lift."  "But what about skiing being the most calorie burning exercise????"  "Yea, cross country skiing is."  ;lkjhfds  weight gain.
  • Poles are not for dragging:  silly me!  My whole entire life, I thought poles were meant to hinder momentum.  I'd literally drag my poles down the hill with me every time I'd skied.  Fail.  After I had taken a spill or four is when Mr Incredible (my husband) told me to ski across the hill instead of straight down.  The poles are to help you pivot.  Who woulda thunk it.
  • Dressing the part does not mean that you will look better:  As we were riding the ski lift up to our second run, there was a girl going really, REALLY slow with her skis turned in and her poles high up in the air.  I asked Mr Incredible what she was doing (maybe on the verge of a gelande jump? (I totally thesaurus dot comed 'ski jump') maybe she was going to gain crazy speed and then go into the woods, just to appear in 13.4 seconds at the bottom (or top!?!?) of the hill?)  Mr Incredible laughed and replied, "that's what you look like."  Oh.  But she had on a white and grey matching coat, ski pants, hats and gloves.  And a helmet.  With goggles.  That's when I, too, looked down and realized that I had a North Face ski jacket with Spyder ski pants.  And goggles (circa 1987 from my parents' house).  I like to think that I'm always the exception.  But I'm a bargain shopper.  I bought that ski gear for the same amount that you paid for yours at Walmart.  So I am the exception. So anyway.  Don't be fooled by the people who dress like Shaun White.
  • Keep you pants on:  This is the ski version of the Mile High Club.  Next time you're on a ski lift check out the nearby trees.  If you play a little game of Eye Spy, you too may see the various undergarments and Mardi Gras beads scattered on the trees.  Or maybe it's just us Western New Yorkers.  My imagination does not just stop at 'chilly.'  I won't go into too much imaginative detail other than 1) ew. 2) chilly. 3) HOW?  I literally could not get my oversized hat off while I was sitting in the ski lift with the bar down.  My poles were getting stuck on the safety bar while being tangled around my wrists.  Not to mention that I have to concentrate on keeping my skis straight so they don't knock into something we're passing.  So how, my dear teenaged friends, how do you manage to take anything off from underneath all of your gear and then toss it into the trees with still enough time to recover and ski off the lift?  How?  Do you regret it when it's you versus the wind going down hill?  Edify me someone.  ANYONE.

I'm honored and overwhelmed (in a good way) for being able to guest blog over here at Travis'.  Hope I could provide as much enjoyment as you, Travis  :)