Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Guest Post Number 4: Corrie From Pickle Talks!

Hey folks! Today's post is actually on the day it was supposed to be, so that's a win, right?

Also a win? Corrie @ My Pickle Talks is in the studio with us today, sharing a rather intense post!

See how her name is all big and stuff? Yeah. Click on it. Go see her. Follow her. Stand outside her blog and look in the windows. You'll see stuff. It's hawt...

Dang. Where was I?

Oh. That's, right. Copy and pasting.

I looked at the clock. It was almost time. I started looking out the bedroom window looking for two tall and lanky teens to walk down the long gravel driveway. It was hard to see because the leaves on the tree where thick blocking my view.

I go downstairs to check several different windows to see which one gave me the best and quickest sighting of the handsome heads. Finally, I see them. I run back up the stairs and take position. It seem like forever before I hear them come in the door. I hear them wonder where I am, but they don't call out.

One appears in my line of sight and then the other. Fortunately, neither one has looked up the staircase to spot me. At just the right moment, I get off two rounds.
"What!" one or both of them yell in surprise.

I get off two or three more rounds before the scramble down the stairs and duck for cover.

"Oh, no. You are going down!" One calls up the stairs and they both go scrambling down into the basement looking for the other Nerf guns.

While they are downstairs, I take my next position. I hear them coming up the stairs. I see them cautiously checking the rooms, behind doors and every nook and cranny. They ponder where I could have gone. Eventually they give up, lower their guns and walk into their shared bedroom. As soon as both are in the room, I pop up from the upper bunk of their beds and begin shooting again. They scramble out of the bedroom and back into the hallway for cover.

The battle ranged for a half an hour. I'm not sure any one really won. I believe I definitely can claim the surprise ambush. What 17 and 16 year old teen expects their 43 year old mom to ambush them with a Nerf gun when they get home from school?

Always keep them guessing.