Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh Yeah. We're Working On It.

So me, Ed @ Ed's Funny Pages and Jeff @ Badly Drawn Monsters are working on this little thing.

It will be EPIC. 

And you're all invited. 


Who has two thumbs and is probably going to both?

This guy. 

So should you. 

HOWEVER. This is about the Tornado Alley Roundup. A short weekend in The Lou for all you bloggers in the Midwest. We have a hotel picked out, kind of, and we're not planning anything that will bust the wallet. It's going to be a couple nights of drunken shame, with Friday night optional. Saturday night will be the doozy, and we'll all hang our heads in shame embarrassment hung overedness the next morning as we attempt to drive home.

If you are interested at all in coming to this, let us know. Otherwise it's going to be Ed, Jeff and I just playing grab ass in St. Louis.

Not that we're above that.

Email me at

Email Ed at

Email Jeff at

P.S. If you are not a Midwestern blogger, you are still MORE than invited to attend this. We are calling it what it is because it's a 5 hour drive for most of us in the Midwest. If you live in say, California, and want to go slumming for a bit, you're more than welcome.


  1. So...what do we do..just blow into town?

  2. Moog: I don't know how good you are, but I'd start blowing now.

    Sal: May 1st is the big day. If you need a ride, let me know!

  3. Dude, I've been in the top of the arch, and that is the motherfucking shit!

    And the ride to the top...everyone make sure to wear plenty of speed stick!

    I'm gonna clear my schedule, papa bear, 'cause I definitely wanna be there.

  4. Man, I tell ya....I'm Sooo excited!

    And I just can't hide it.

    I'm about to lose control, and I think I like it.

    St.Louis will never be the same.

    We're gonna put Anhiezer-Busch out of business.

    We're gonna tear down that ach and make key chain bottle openers out of it.

    We might even go over to East St. Louis and pick a fight.

    EPIC, I tell ya, EPIC!!!

  5.! This is scurry. Scurry I tell ya!

  6. This sounds awesome! I wish I could go! But, by the time this thing rolls around, I won't be a Midwestern blogger anymore and won't have easy access to St. Louis. Boo!

    You should TOTALLY plan on the East St. Louis fight thing. And then whoever is left can blog about it. Cause I want to hear all about it!

  7. I'm from the east so ... oh well..

    Have fun and post about it. :)

  8. If there is a home ballgame that weekend, you may see me. I'll be that drunk woman who left in the 4th inning b/c she can't hold her liquor anymore. Oh, I hope I make the jumbotron!

  9. WEll geesh St. Louis is about 5 hours from me as well but I don't think I will be making it and I sure wouldn't be going to the top of that dang Arch are you CRAZY.. I do however demand pictures lol

  10. DUDE!!!
    I need to chat at you!
    I would like to add a Peep to the group... can I?

  11. Blogger camp for the guys. The ladies do it all the time, so why not the men. I like it.

  12. That sounds like so much fun... I wonder if I could talk The Man into one more weekend.....

  13. There is like a 76% chance that I will be there so I need to know the details, like, whenever. And no going over the the IL side of the river and causing fights Ed. I want to be able to get home on Sunday.

  14. So, what's on the itinerary?? Wait.....three guys......hotel room....You & Ed......never mind. I don't wanna know.

  15. That's only 3 1/2 hours from me and I LOVE drunken shame-filled nights! Let me know what the details are...that may be right around house closing/moving time, but if not, I'll bet I could make a little jaunty-poo from KC.


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