Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh Yeah. We're Working On It.

So me, Ed @ Ed's Funny Pages and Jeff @ Badly Drawn Monsters are working on this little thing.

It will be EPIC. 

And you're all invited. 


Who has two thumbs and is probably going to both?

This guy. 

So should you. 

HOWEVER. This is about the Tornado Alley Roundup. A short weekend in The Lou for all you bloggers in the Midwest. We have a hotel picked out, kind of, and we're not planning anything that will bust the wallet. It's going to be a couple nights of drunken shame, with Friday night optional. Saturday night will be the doozy, and we'll all hang our heads in shame embarrassment hung overedness the next morning as we attempt to drive home.

If you are interested at all in coming to this, let us know. Otherwise it's going to be Ed, Jeff and I just playing grab ass in St. Louis.

Not that we're above that.

Email me at

Email Ed at

Email Jeff at

P.S. If you are not a Midwestern blogger, you are still MORE than invited to attend this. We are calling it what it is because it's a 5 hour drive for most of us in the Midwest. If you live in say, California, and want to go slumming for a bit, you're more than welcome.