Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's Time To Get Your Ass In Gear.

Ed, Jeff and I decided we were going to play nice when we posted this today.

But seriously.

Are you on the fence about TAR?


Why the hell are you on the fence? What could you possibly be doing that weekend that could be any cooler than a bunch of Tornado Alley bloggers getting together and drinking, and doing stuff, and drinking, and staying in a hotel for a special rate, and drinking, and maybe going to a baseball game, and drinking?

*raises hand*

Yes Travis?


That's correct, here is your gold star!

So listen. Click those big words up there. GET YOUR FREAKING ROOM RESERVED! GET YOUR SHIRT!

The hotel is booked solid, and when those rooms are gone, it's over.

We have a few definite's right now, but we still have about 5 or so rooms left. With double beds in each, that means they can hold more people.

Please get in touch with myself, Jeff, or Ed today to talk to us about having fun! We can promise you this, when you leave St. Louis on Sunday...

...your liver will never be the same.


  1. Unfortunately, crime is running rampant and I will not be able to attend. Sounds like a lot of fun. My liver thanks me for having a shit job.

  2. I have been starving my liver in preparation for this for several months.

    Someone just told me that isn't the best idea.

    But I don't care, because my Liver is a mouthy bitch.

  3. As much as I would love to attend I cannot. I am here taking care of my mom and apparently now the babysitter of my great nieces, a job for which I didn't apply but got suckered into by my mom who wanted to have a baby in thehouse.. But I expect pictures and drunken emails and texts I will email ya my celly to do so with lol

  4. As I told Daffy, if money weren't so tight, not even the fact that my loathsome sister-in-law lives in St. Louis would keep me away. Alas, money is so tight the moths in my pockets have begun to riot. But I trust that what happens in STL will not stay in STL. There should be plenty o' blackmail material generated and y'all damnwell better share!

  5. And dude, I just noticed there's no nifty little Blogger 'B' next to my blog in your blogroll ... is your reader on the blink again? I've missed your wit in my comments sections ...

  6. There's still a chance I can make it work, but it might be only for the day on Saturday or Sunday. Will keep you I wouldn't need a hotel room.....

  7. Hey - Damee, at least you made the list! So what am I Trav, a mere quick comment ride when the feeling strikes.

    Bah, and I thought we had something.

    My liver would love to join but do not qualify, nor can I afford the airfare. Have fun!

  8. Reasons I Can't Attend:

    1) That is the same weekend I sell old shit I no longer need to people who don't speak English (aka garage sale)

    2) I gave up alcohol for Lent, which means my liver is pure after 40 days sans the hooch and couldn't handle the thunder

    3) I didn't think anything existed south of I-80

  9. Coffey has offered me quite the honey pot to kick Ed's ass.

    Wanna chip in? I dont think it will be much of a contest. I mean, even his Wii Fit laughs at his ass. I've been training...eating right....lifting weights....I am so gonna Quack his Ass.

    SO yeah....should be tons of fun!

    Oh and, I dont' have a liver...can I borrow yours? I'll buy

  10. I wish i could go. My husband shits his pants when I leave him alone with the baby for more than two hours...imagine what it will do to him for a whole weekend!!


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