Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's Time To Get Your Ass In Gear.

Ed, Jeff and I decided we were going to play nice when we posted this today.

But seriously.

Are you on the fence about TAR?


Why the hell are you on the fence? What could you possibly be doing that weekend that could be any cooler than a bunch of Tornado Alley bloggers getting together and drinking, and doing stuff, and drinking, and staying in a hotel for a special rate, and drinking, and maybe going to a baseball game, and drinking?

*raises hand*

Yes Travis?


That's correct, here is your gold star!

So listen. Click those big words up there. GET YOUR FREAKING ROOM RESERVED! GET YOUR SHIRT!

The hotel is booked solid, and when those rooms are gone, it's over.

We have a few definite's right now, but we still have about 5 or so rooms left. With double beds in each, that means they can hold more people.

Please get in touch with myself, Jeff, or Ed today to talk to us about having fun! We can promise you this, when you leave St. Louis on Sunday...

...your liver will never be the same.