Friday, April 23, 2010


This may be a tad premature, as I'm I'm not sure who, if anyone, will show up here after watching the Tyra show today.

I don't think they are even going to show my URL on the air, the bastards.

But if you are here from the show, stay a while, kick up your feet, and have a look around. This a humor blog, although that might be disputed by some. I do my best to make you laugh every day, and I'm not near the evil dickhead they are making me out to be on the TV.

Coming up on Monday, I will have all the juicy details of the show, and give you some insider information that might help you if you ever decide you want to be on a talk show.

Thanks for coming by, and I look forward to making you laugh for a long time!


  1. Dude, it airs today??? Geez, if I'd had known today was the day, I'd have called in sick so I could stay home to watch! Can't wait to read all about it on Monday, though.

  2. Hat's off to you Travis

  3. DVR is set! Can't wait to see Travy and The Missus on the boob tube!

  4. Oh, Tyra can't change our mind about you, Travis! We love your funnies!

  5. I'm gonna try and find it online tonight after work, but I watched the promo last night and yeah, they totally made you out to look like a douchebag.

    "Cheapest husband in America even forces his wife to STEAL the internet!"

    Fucking TV.

  6. My DVR is set! I don't get home until 5 p.m.

  7. OK Travie - here is a trick - if you want people to find you from the show then say somewhere in your post Tyra Show: Cheapest Mate in America then label it cheapest mate in america and it will come up on google rank.

    So when people google your ass (hehehe) they will find you.

  8. Seriously? The Tyra show? LUCKY YOU!!!! I didn't see it though :(

  9. Dude, I missed it :(
    Any repeats listed?

    I am just getting around to posting and reading. Damn, late for the party again.

  10. Been googling it to try and find it. Your pics are up on her website.

  11. Damn damn DAMN. I missed it. BUT I will scour the internet tonight to find it.

    I will succeed.

    I will view.

    I will love

    Bros to the end my skinny friend.

  12. I saw it...never really liked her....this pretty much sealed it for me. Bleh.

  13. i don't - didn't watch tyra-- but am curious to know how and why she chose your blog to put on her show. do you know? were YOU on tv too? i think it's pretty cool-- no matter how she prtrayed YOU. i would guess, she likes you- and your blog? otherwise- she wouldn't take you on your show? or - you wouldn't agree to go on tv, only to be made to look bad.?
    will you have some sort of 'clip' for us to see'?
    i hope so.

    good for you-- i think--

    high five my my fellow fisherman.
    where do you fish btw?
    i have a few -- nothin to brag about - catches - from this passed week on my blog- if you care to have a peek.
    just in case you're bored. and it doesn't quite sound like you are,

    happy saturday

  14. Better people find out about you from "Tyra" then how half my followers found out about me. Seriously, I didn't think that many people still watched "TaxiCab Confessions".

  15. I'm just confused so I'll be back Monday for the deets...

  16. Glad I remembered to DVR it. And it's a good thing I knew who you were already or else I would have really thought you were a total dickhead!

    For the record, my hubby says you are his hero and all I wanted to do was send your lovely wife $5.

  17. Bro, when I rided by yo trailer and seed the toilet paper on the clothes line I knowed you be cheap.

    I watched the show and thought you came off alright. You wife is just too damn greedy. I had no idea you married a gold digger.


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