Friday, April 2, 2010

The Winner Is...

Some of you may remember my lamp giveaway from last Friday.

While it didn't quite gain me the world wide popularity that I was after, it did have a lot of entries.

178 to be exact, after all the Twitter stuff was accounted for.

So I made a list of all your names out by the number of entries you had and yada yada yada, I won't bore you with that.

Not surprisingly, the person with the most entries won.

With the random number generated of 16 of 178, the winner is...


You can totally click her name and go tell her what a lucky bish she is!

She is the winner of a new lamp from the fine folks at

This concludes my posting for the weekend, as I have a lot to do.

Go tell your friends how funny I am, and how I give stuff away sometimes.

By the way, due to me doing a special post on that day:


We'll pick back up the Monday after!