Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Change From Regular Programming...

Thats right, I'm not doing a Memoir Monday today. Don't worry though, if you did one, I'll link it up at the bottom of this post and direct everyone your way.

What I have for you today is something a little different, and not at all what you're used to seeing here.

You see, there is this little girl, and she has cancer. Neuroblastoma to be exact. Here's the kicker. She's 16 months old.

I have some cancer experience. However, I cannot even fathom what these parents are going through, and I don't want to. I'll be honest when I say that I haven't read much of the blog, which you can find here. I just know that the support that they are being shown is incredible, and I figure it's my time to help in whatever miniscule way I can.

Brandy over at Think Tank Momma and I are going to be doing a weight loss challenge. From now until June 30th, we are going to be dropping some serious weight. All we ask you to do is sponsor us. You can give whatever you want per pound, and I can promise you that I will drop the weight. I weighed yesterday, I'm at 314 pounds. I have 114 more to my goal, but I've lost 56 so far.

Now this weight loss has even more of a purpose, but how much more is up to you.

Here is the button that Brandee made up for us.

Here is the button for the blog. 

And here is the button to donate through Paypal.

Click on monkey to donate...please help!

So my pledge to you is to lose the weight.

What is your pledge to her?


  1. I so got this. I am going to whomp your ass! And even if I don't lose more weight? I am raising some money for that sweet little face!

    We'll have to come up with a side wager. I am not wearing that ugly Duke hat though! :D

    Here's to Monkey!

  2. ok, so wait. Are you determining the winner by pounds lost, percentage of weight loss or the biggest dollar earner?

  3. You guys rock! I pledge to both of you.

  4. Admirable. Very admirable my friend.

    I already hoped you'd reach your goal, and now even more so. Bravo!

  5. OH now see ya have to go by poundage not percentage. Cause percentage in a man is always higher. I think this rocks.. and I am so proud to call you both my blog friends..

  6. This is such a great idea and a phenomenal cause! I'm super proud of your continued efforts to make yourself the healthiest TravyG you can be!

    Congrats on the new job too.

  7. Yay to both of you. This is wonderful.

  8. This is pretty cool!!! I love the button!!!

  9. Awesome idea dude.

    I am figuring out my donation amount now.

    I recently came in possession of a nice Duke bucket cap. I wonder what that's worth. You know, since they just became National Champs this year and all.

  10. This is a great idea! You guys are the best and I know you are going to raise lots of money for this little angel.
    I originally did a Memoir Monday, but I'm going to give readers your link instead so they can come and support this cause.

  11. Love what you guys are doing! Hooray!

    I've already donated to PayPal and am putting together a Go Green Giveaway pack to the auction...

    But I'm right behind you and totally supporting your efforts!

  12. awesome! thanks for joining the bandwagon!

  13. I'm pledging a dollar for every pound lost. Two of yous combined. I'm playing the fence. And more money for Monkey.


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