Monday, June 21, 2010

He's blowin up, y'all.

That's right, Justin Kinman, aka Kid Funk, who is my very best friend and multi-talented singer/songwriter, HAS HIS VERY OWN GIG!

Obviously I don't expect those of you in other states to go.


If you came over from Facebook or Twitter and you live in Oklahoma, and you DON'T go? I will totally disown you for the rest of my life.

He's got a six song set, and I KNOW THE SET LIST! But I'm totally not leaking it because he asked me nicely not to.

Seriously, I'm wicked proud of him, and you should be too. He's got a song on iTunes, you can find it


Now on to round two of my plugs on this horrid Monday morning.

LiLu over at LivitLuvit (the queen of TMI and of annoying as shit cat tweets DC) has recently been asked to be in a contest with some other loser, non-deserving bastards to be the next Twitter TJ. I really don't know what all it entails, but she's pretty amped because, well, it's fuckin MTV. And they want her. And totally not sexually.

Anyway, you need to go see her site for details, and y'all can vote for her eventually. Like I said, the other folks in the contest are lame, and she is cool.

So ends my plugging of people on this fine Monday. Hope yours is better than mine.

Stay classy.


  1. Kid Funk is all growed up! Congrats to him.

    And LiLu is the shizzle for real!

  2. You are my sunshine. For reals. I can't thank you enough!!!!!

  3. Woohoo congrats to both.. hoping she wins..although like you I have no clue what a TJ is lol Twitter jockey.. umm yeah somehow that sounds dirty lol

  4. He's like the lead guy! You must be proud, indeed. I am a long ways away, but I'll go look for him on iTunes.

  5. Send my best wishes to the Kinman dude. I look forward to seeing him on MTV or Barney and Friends or You Tube. I did listen to his demo from your link and liked it.

  6. BRING BACK MEMOIR MONDAYS! And if you are going to plug this dude I have never heard of at least post photo's! Gotta check him out to see if he cuts it here in Oz...

    Geeez, you sure are gettin' soft in your old age mate.


  7. Yay for Funky Cold Medina! Or wait, was it Kid Rock? I can't remember what I called him.. either way, that is totally AWESOME!

  8. Okay - I went and bought his song on iTunes. I will play it all over Vegas when I am there this week and will take all the credit for making him a star. See if your little blog can match the power of The Office Scribe in Vegas!

    (On a side note, when I finish my novel you want to be my blogger publicist?)

  9. super stoked for you! Awesome of Big T to pimp you out!! I'm guessing there will be some sort of follow up post with pics and deets after the big gig???????

    Oh and T, thought you would like to know I had a comment from another blogger today saying how much they missed your hosting Memoir Monday :o)

  10. About time the Funk got his due!

    Hope he burns the house down.

    And I'll head over to vote for the cat lady.

  11. hooray! congrats to him, that is AWESOME!

  12. Yay for KidFunk. I hope when he's rich and famous he'll remember how much fun he had meeting me in St. Louis!

  13. Congrats to kid funk!

    I went over and followed LiLu on Twitter just for you Travis! Because I think you're awesome!

    Have a great day (you're looking good!)


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