Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Top Ten Reasons Why LiLu Should Be The Next MTV TJ.

I'm sure by now you've heard of LiLu over at LivitLuvit getting the job offer of a lifetime.

Then being told she had to kill, burn, maim, fuck up, beat 19 other contestants to get that job.

I won't go into boring detail here, but you can check out her site by clicking on her name, and she will tell you how to vote for her. Near as I can tell, it's going to go down on July 7th, and it's all on Facebook.

The job? She's going to be a Twitter Jockey. And since our darlin LiLu spends more time on Twitter than she does on her boyfriend, I think she'd be perfect for the job.

Here are my top ten reasons why.

1. She's going to tweet anyway. And I'm sick to death of hearing about her fucking cats. I'd much rather hear about Megan Fox.
2. She's promised to use "Suck it, bitches." as her very first official tweet.
3. See picture below.
4. She has a friend named Maxie that I am almost entirely sure will kick your ass if you don't vote for her.
5. Because if LiLu gets hired by MTV, it will give me a reason to give a flying fuck about anything MTV has done since the mid 90's. (submitted by Jeff at Badly Drawn Monsters)
6. I have it on good authority that even though she graduated from UNC, she actually loves Duke more.
7. Seriously y'all. Her cats have been on the internet more than that Pamela Anderson's boobs. Help those cats out.
8. She created TMI Thursdays, in which I've admitted to some pretty gross stuff, but nothing like pulling shit out of a toilet with my bare hands. That one was all hers.
9. She may have mentioned to me in passing that she was going to get MTV to change its programming schedule. 12 hours of music, 12 hours of Jersey Shore.
10. I'm pretty sure she's offered to show us a picture of her boobs covered with money if she wins. At least I HOPE I read that tweet right.

There you have it, folks. Stay tuned for details on voting! 


  1. Hahaha, you are seriously the best! Also, I think MTV should take #9 under advisement even if I don't win...


  2. I'd rather hear about her cats than Megan Fox. Period.

  3. I agree with Shine. Megan Fox is lamepants.

    But I am still all about voting for this virtual stranger.

  4. woohoo, gonna head over soon to see how to vote!

  5. i've been making some pretty extravagant promises on your behalf LiLu, i hope you can step up to deliver

  6. Noooooo, thanks.

    Funny list, though.

  7. great list! I'll be voting!

  8. This is the woman that got me watching bloody Jersey Shore all from a blog post she did...and I live in Australia!

    Vote for her!

  9. 12 hours of Jersey Shore??? I am sooo in!

    Btw, I am so glad I missed her post about putting her bare hands in a pooped-filled potty. Yuckk!!!

  10. I puffy heart LiLu. She will win! She better win!

    You need to get in touch with me dope! We gots to figure out who beat who and end the Mission Monkey.

    I lost 15 pounds. I am working on getting the amounts together. Did you quit on me?


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