Monday, January 24, 2011

Picture Memoir Monday: I Should Have Been Gay...

"Haaaaaaay! This is mah wagon, and I know mah blues don't match, but that's just me doin me, you know?"
So yeah. I'm pretty sure I liked dudes at this point. Also, that camper? LEGIT, son. You wish you had a camper like that. And yes, I'm 99% sure that's the tailgate of my dad's truck laying in the grass. Classy as sh*t, yo. 

Also, moving along, I saw the following things at church yesterday after The Missus pointed them out to me. I had to get a picture, mostly because it's the funniest thing I've ever seen.

"No, Herbert. You want to keep on down the hall a bit. Yeah, the sign that says 'Creepers.' Yeah, that's it."

The bad thing is, I think I looked just as bad taking pictures by the nursery. I'm pretty sure I'm not welcome back there again.


  1. Too funny! You look very "sassy"! I bet you were hot sh*t back then! Not to say you're not NOW too! :)


  2. I'm amazed ... even at such a tender age, you had that "celebrity photo pose" down pat. Although, yeah, it tends to be female celebrities that do it. But hey. At least you weren't wearing denim-on-denim or something.

    And that creepers sign? They totally needed one of those at the bar I went to this weekend. For real.

  3. DAMN son! Look at you, all skinny and shit.

    That Wagon "seat" is GENIUS!

  4. OH I was wondering what I was gonna write about today.. MEMOIR MONDAY IS BACK yeah baby..
    Travis hunny you hottie you , even back in the day in your blues you had it going on..


  6. You. Look. Like. Jordan. :) (gay and everything....)

  7. Hah, you are only gay when you miss a week and leave me hanging in limboland!

  8. I've missed Memoir Mondays! But yeah, you were kinda gay when you were a kid. You're striking a fierce 'Tyra' pose there.

  9. When i was a kid we had a home built camper that made that thing of yours look like it came straight from a factory - not exactly streamlined.

    I am disturbed by the church labeling the children as creepers so early in life...

  10. OK I've been down this hall many times and I can't figure out what all the fuss is about? I'm kinda slow when it comes to things. Can you spell it out for me ? LOL


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