Monday, January 31, 2011

Travis vs. The Netti Pot!

I posted on Twitter and Facebook yesterday that I was going to be trying a Netti Pot for the first time. I asked for some helpful tips or suggestions, and all I got was this:


So I sorta did.

I'm not going to lie, this is gross. Not really stuff coming out of me gross, but more like, "stuff running down the back of my throat and almost making me vomit" gross.

Watch at your own risk, and have a happy Monday.


  1. How did you get Screech to star in this?

  2. What the hell is a Netti Pot? And know, I'm not watching it because I am a delicate little petal.

  3. I'm not watching this ... because I'm having sinus issues myself right now. And I'm afraid that watching stuff running down the back of your throat would remind me of the stuff running down the back of MY throat right now (let me clarify: it's snot), and therefore make something come UP the back of my throat.

    So yeah. Not watching. But you're a brave, brave man, Travis.

  4. I use one every day or I would never breathe again thanks to the allergies that run rampant in KY year round. Once you get used to it it is easy as heck.. and you will LOVE it

  5. Dude!

    I loved you in Knocked Up and The Green Hornet!

    Seriously, that was nasty, but at least you didn't show us what was in the sink afterwards.

  6. LMBO!!!!! I am just now watching it and I woke Jason up from laughing so hard! Thank you for videoing it and giving me a laugh.

  7. Really it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be... LOL
    The gagging was the worse part of it.


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