Thursday, July 28, 2011

Look At Me, I'm Blogging. Oh, And The Basic Good Of Humanity.

Hi there. My name is Travis, and I run this blog. We've probably met before, you know, at that convention that one time in Querqe.

You get it?

I've been gone a while, so I'm making jokes.

Please don't leave yet, I swear I have a legit blog going on here. But real quick, let me get you up to speed. We've had the kids about 2 months now, and things are going great. We love them, they've adjusted rather quickly, and I wouldn't trade them for anything. I figure you guys are going to want a picture, so here you go:

This isn't them, obvs. You have to wait 4 more months for that. However, they are every bit as cute as this. 
At this point I probably have one or two people still actually reading this. Lauren and Mandy, thanks, and keep going.

Today at work I helped my department head move from an office in one town to one a couple of towns over. She had accumulated quite a bit of stuff in her office, and we loaded a some of it into a couple of trucks and headed out. When we got to our destination, I started unloading the trucks. There were quite a few heavy items, and I'm notorious for being a "fewer trips is better" guy, so I tend to overexert myself on lifting, carrying, pulling, etc.

I love to watch people. Before you get that crawling feeling at the base of your spine, know that I prefer to watch them fully clothed. I think people are, among many other things, fascinating, and I love observing their individual behaviors. I discovered Chat Roulette a few weeks ago, and I honestly had a blast observing the 3 people on there who didn't have their penises out. Fortunately, this morning provided me with an opportunity to observe some people who were fully clothed and all too helpful.

When I walked up to the entrance the first time with a heavy load in my arms, I was trying to figure out how to open the door, and a gentleman of about 45 walked up and opened it for me. I told him thank you, and continued on. A few minutes later, I walked to the door with another heavy load, and a pregnant woman jumped out of her seat and ran to open up the door. Smiling, I thanked her, and continued on my way.

I had one major load left, and as I was carrying it to the door I realized that I was going to be able to open the door on my own this time. However, just through the door, I spotted something that absolutely thrilled my heart. A handicapped African American lady of about 60 struggled to her feet, grabbed her cane, and walked over to the door to open it for me. We kind of opened it together, and I walked through, thanking her politely.

Three trips to the door, three people being kind. The office I was at is an Unemployment Office. It is the place people go when they've lost their job, they are looking for a job, or are just generally down on their luck. People usually aren't in good moods at the Unemployment Office. They aren't kind, they aren't thinking of anything but their situation, and they are usually stressed out and dealing with wounded pride. I've been in the office, I know how it feels, and I can't say I blame anyone for feeling like that.

However, three people - two of them in "conditions" - went out of their way today to commit a simple act of kindness that reminded me of why I love the human race. The fact that people are basically good. We may not all believe in the same God, we may not all be having a great day, but deep down there is a good person in all of us. A person who loves their fellow man, who wants to help out when they can, and who knows what the right thing is and tries to do it most times. I'm not saying we're all perfect, and I'm not saying even the kindest person is going to grab every opportunity that comes their way. As much as I say I hate people, I still believe in the basic good.

To the three people that helped me today: You inspire me, and you give me hope for us humans. May we all learn to be so considerate.

Thank you.


  1. I cannot say that I'm that optimistic of people. I'm more of a "People are basically evil" type of person. Haha. When shall I see your children some more?! I wanna say for the first week or so I was Uncle Daniel! Lol. Avon (really hoping my spelling is right. Pressure.) still hugs the crap outta me when he sees me though :-)

  2. Love it! I'm so glad you're back. Even if just momentarily... I'll be hanging out here until I get to see pics of your lovely children.

  3. oh, travis. being "african american" isn't a CONDITION.

  4. As you know, I'm an eternal optimist. This post really warmed my heart. It's nice to see someone else's hope renewed by a simple act of kindness, and I'm very glad you had that opportunity.

    On a less serious note, it also make me smile that you used the word "obvs"....awesome.

    Glad you're back...ish!

  5. I love that you are so good at finding the best in people and that you make a effort to point it out. And I'm glad you're back-ish. Hug The Missus and the kiddos for me!

  6. First of all when I saw the post I had to double check and make sure my reader had not gone bonkers. The kids are adorable.. I am so glad to hear ya'll are doing so well. I thought about you today and nearly wrote you on FB to check and see how you all were doing.

    I never give up on mankind, never. When we all give up it will be over with..

  7. Same - I just saw that you'd put up a post and went WHOA! (Yeah, shameless use of blog title).

    I had this happen to me too this week. The 4 year old likes to ride her bike. Until we get to wherever we're going. Then her legs stop working and I have to lug her bike, her, a stroller and her little sister home. While being pregnant.

    This time it happened after the park was too exhausting and I thought I might as well buy dinner before I lugged it all home. My card was declined at the restaurant - the person behind me offered to pay (I ended up having enough change).
    A stranger offered to carry the bike home (nice, but would of been weird on the long walk home).

    (Glad the kiddies have decided to keep you)

  8. Now, let's all get together and sing Kumbaya.

  9. I'm having the opposite experience today, Travy G. Although, I was shocked on Sunday when I came across several children who were polite and courteous in public.

  10. You created an act of kindness when you helped me move that stuff. No matter what I've heard, you are a good guy, and oh, that kid, Matt, that hangs with you, he is a good guy too!


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