Monday, May 21, 2012

At the Beach...

Hey y'all.

I'm on vacation this week, chillin' in Destin, Florida.

I'm getting a searing sunburn already.

I am absolutely certain I'll be inspired to write something, but in case I don't, we'll return to our regularly scheduled programming in a week or so.

I'm going to buy a fishing pole and a temporary license, and I'm going to pull something out of the Gulf this week. You have my word on that. 

I saw a dolphin right up on the beach this morning. I sincerely hope it was a dolphin. 

I am still deathly afraid of seaweed. 

The drive down here almost gave me a stroke. 

I saw some lizards this morning, just hanging out on our fence. They flashed red throats at me, and I pretty much ran away. I saw that movie. It was called Jurassic Park, and Newman died. 

I'm down here with my amazing family, my brother and his amazing family, another amazing family from our Sunday School class, and Jennie

I plan on shorting the Gulf several hundred shrimp during my time here. Since Brad (The Groom) is with me, they've probably gone on the endangered species list. 

The last time I was here, I was in the middle of The Mistake. Last night, I kissed The Missus while standing in the ocean, looked at her, and said, "I've been waiting five years to do that." I know, I'm such a romantic. 

For some folks, happiness is hard to define. My daughter just walked outside with my niece, and our friend's kid Hudson. My niece was in the cutest little swimsuit, and my daughter looked at me and said, "Daddy, can we go down to the beach and catch some crabs tonight?" Then Hudson got right in my face, smiled and said, "We're going to catch some crabs!" 

I am so happy. 

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  1. Hey, we live in Destin! Welcome!! Hope you have a great vaycay, and those lizards with the red throats won't hurt you. They're called anole (ah-NO-lay) lizards, and you can catch them and play with them. PS, if you go to the Okaloosa Island fishing pier you won't have to buy a license; it's included with the pier fee.


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