Sunday, October 25, 2015

#Write30 Challenge (Day Four): Ten interesting facts about me

Probably don't have any new readers here, and after checking stats it would appear that no one is reading these anyway, so here goes.

I'm doing a writing challenge where I write on thirty prompts in thirty days. Today is day four, and I'm supposed to list ten interesting facts about myself.

Much like day one, I can't think of any real order to put these in, and as such, they'll be in no particular order.

1. My wife and I have adopted three children — To this day, I have people look at Drake, our youngest, and say, "There is no way you can deny that one!" My wife and I just laugh, and my standard response is, "Well, I wasn't in that part of the state at the time," which is good and confusing, which is ideally what you want, calling into question the lineage of your children.

2. I am from a town called Okay — Seriously, that's where I'm from, and it's where I teach. Every now and again, you'll see one of our school buses pop up on an Internet funny picture site, and they'll say something like, "It's not the best school, but it's an Okay school." I love my hometown, and I love it's interesting name. Side note: the name it held before Okay was Rex.

3. I have been inside the White House and have taken a selfie with President Obama — I'm sure if you looked hard enough, you could find the blog about it, or the newspaper column about it, but the short version is this: My uncle was killed in Vietnam in a very heroic fashion. He was awarded the Purple Heart posthumously, but my grandmother lobbied for him to receive the Medal of Honor, and he was, two years after she died. My family was invited to the White House for the ceremony.

4. I have been on the Tyra Banks Show — Most of you probably know this, but in case you don't, yeah, my wife and I were on the show. Basically we lied about me being a cheapskate, got an all-expense paid trip to NYC, appeared on the show, got snowed in for an extra night on Tyra's dime, and pretty much had one of the more fun experiences of our lives.

5. I have a half-finished novel on my computer — I participated in NaNoWriMo a few years ago, got halfway through (25,000 words), then lost my flash drive. I found it two days later, but had already quit in my heart. It's a sci-fi story where a man falls in love with an alien, but her dad is real angry about her being "trapped" on earth so he launches an interstellar war to get her back. It's terrible, and no you can't read it.

6. I hate macaroni and cheese — I do. I hate it. This one came from my wife, and she included, "You're not an American," as well. That's just a lie, but I do hate elbow macaroni in anything, it doesn't matter how much cheese and butter you put on it. I also hate popcorn, which is something else people can't get a grasp on.

7. I have a Pomeranian named Fabulous and a rabbit named Big Pimpin' — We also have another rabbit named Monica, and a Golden Retriever named Rick. I've had fish named Fatty, Doc, Brooklyn, and Irwin Linker. I like naming my pets unusual names, and it's probably a blessing I've not had any children of my own, lest they be named MacBethenstein or something.

Big Pimpin' and no, he's not dead.
8. I won a dollar from the very first lottery ticket I ever bought — I was in Kentucky, I saw the machine, fed it a dollar, started scratching, and boom, won a dollar. I danced around and laughed and swore I'd never spend the dollar on anything, I'd keep it forever, and then ten seconds later fed it right back into the machine and lost it. As a gambler, I'm the worst. I've also never paid attention to the phrase "quit while you're ahead."

9. I own a Desert Eagle .50 Magnum pistol — I've named it Liam Beaston, and I love it. I've dreamed of owning one for a very long time, and last year I made a little extra money and was able to do it. I was terrified of shooting it the first time because I thought I'd knock myself out, but it went fine, and now I pretty much just like watching other people shoot it.

My actual gun. Isn't he beautiful?
10. I have a signed photograph hanging in the lobby of OG&E — I have four of them, actually. I took a long-exposure picture of their plant one night, and about two years later, a representative got in touch with me and commissioned me to take more pictures, then, get this, they actually paid me actual money. I was both honored and flattered, and didn't manage to screw it all up.

There you have it. Ten interesting things about me. I'll be back tomorrow with another prompt, and until then, I'm just going to focus on getting people to actually read this things. Love you guys.