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Saturday, June 27, 2009

I've Been Let Go...

Yeah, I got let go yesterday. Apparently, I'm "inflexible". Seriously? I'm fat. Yeah, I'm inflexible. Ask my wife, she'll tell ya. If I didn't have long arms, I would for sure have to buy one of those gopher thingies. Anyhow, my company decided it was time for me to part ways with them. For the most part, they are douchebags, and kept promoting people ahead of me. Stupid people. So I kept gettin mad at them and tellin them that they were stupid.

So I am lookin for a job! First time in 2 years, but I am lookin. I am kind of enjoying the time off. So far its just one day, but geez. It's a Saturday. It's 113 degrees outside right now, and I can't even walk outside without hearing my pale white Irish skin start to sizzle like fajita's at a Mexican restaurant. I'm at my mother's house presently, supposed to be fillin out job apps on line. Not really doing it. My mother just asked me if I wanted breakfast, and it's noon. She's gonna make biscuits, eggs, gravy and get this. Fried weinies. That's right, fried hot dogs. Gah, I love my mother. Lot's of you prolly didn't even know hot dogs were breakfast food!

Also, last night, I was at the in laws house...(lame)...and they had a friend over. I swear I caught up on 6 weeks of church gossip in 15 minutes. This woman should write for readers digest. She condensed so much information, my mind was processing it hours after she was done. She's like a zip drive. I made a bird feeder, and even though it was my first one, I think it turned out alright. I'll post a picture later on. After I get it painted. I don't think any birds will fall off of it, or be injured in any way. Prolly just be sparrows on it though. Somehow, the entire sparrow populace of my town has gotten word of my bird feeder. I'm going through a half pound of bird feed every day. They are relentless. I'd like to see some color out there, but the other day a blue jay landed on it, and the sparrows grabbed it, and threw it over the fence. I'm pretty sure my sparrows are racist. My dog tries to catch one every now and again, but since the temp capped 100, she is pretty much resigned to laying in parts of the yard that aren't producing those little heat waves that you see coming off cars in the summer.

This has kind of been a catch up blog I guess. I'll try to be back on Monday with funny stuff, but for the most part, I was told by Kid Funk to keep it real on this blog. No fake stuff from me! I may try to go fishin today, but haulin out boiled fish from the lake really isn't fun for me. I like my fish deep fried. I would try to go swimmin, but haulin a boiled me up from the lake prolly wouldn't be fun for the poor sucker who had to do that.

I may try this Bing search engine thing on the taskbar above me, but I think I love Google too much.

The Missus is coming over to make sure I'm fillin out apps and not blogging... Gotta go.