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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Journey Through The "X's."

A lot of you probably remember this pic I posted from September of last year when I was complaining about fat people shirts costing more:

Folks, I have no idea how much I weighed then, but I'm guessing it was probably around 380 or so. My weigh fluctuates, but I settled at 370 for a long time. That shirt is The Missus', and you can see how well it fit me. 

The good news is that I've been making some huge changes in how I live. I refuse to call it dieting, because a diet has an end. What I'm doing has no end. It is a lifestyle change that leads to the ultimate goal of a healthier Travis. For those of you following me on Twitter and Facebook, (which you can do a little further down on the page) you know that I've lost about 47 pounds in the last 5 weeks. 

I was sitting on the couch yesterday morning, and I looked at The Missus and said, "We should take a picture of me in that shirt." 

And it came to pass: 


I'll be the first to say, it's still not the prettiest picture in the world, but folks, I feel damn good about it. You should know that I'm not sucking in, I'm not stretching the shirt, and I have not altered this in any way. 

I'm pretty proud of myself. 

However, my pride was quickly deflated when I showed Kid Funk these pictures and he said, "Your hair is longer." 


I'm going to continue my healthier way of living, which includes massive amounts of exercise, and my ultimate goal is to weigh 200 pounds. I currently weigh 323, and I have an alternate goal to be at 320 before TAR, which is this Friday! Wish me luck. 

And that is my own personal journey through the X's.